Place to Place #03 — Snow War

April 19th, 2012


The noisy people got hurt repeatedly. That’s what matters.


I still stand by my statement that placing a ball gag in Loud Orange Girl and Loud Orange Guy’s mouths would improve the entire show greatly, but the show’s energy did match theirs for at least a little while during the snowball fight. Most of that segment in general was probably the best the show’s been in terms of actual humor. It certainly didn’t have most of the usual cuteness during that section, but I’m more than happy to substitute some better slapstick in exchange for it. In fact, let’s do that for every section… and still mute every character with orange hair.

The second half was cooking class and mostly concerned itself with the clusterbintz of new characters that popped up, none of whose names I remember. As with the original intros, it does deserve credit for not having characters press pause on the show to introduce every single one of them in turn and list all their character traits. …That really shouldn’t be as rare as it is. Other than that though, it was more or less the same as the other two episode. Io teasing Tsumiki at the end and then getting his head gnawed on was easily the highlight of it, so not a bad way to end it at least, even if the rest was relatively unassuming.


Removing headcrabs.

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