Persona 4 #24 — Just Kiss Already

March 22nd, 2012


There were a lot of men this episode with their faces only a few inches apart.


This episode did not begin promisingly. With the final(ish) battle about to start, the criminal about to be confronted, etc etc… you know what it’s time for? Yosuke’s Social Link. Thankfully, that only ate up a couple minutes before it was off to grill Adachi until he slipped up and couldn’t keep all the fake culprits correctly matched up. Of course, then it was on to Teddy’s Social Link for another minute or two. Couldn’t we have just passed that nonsense over instead of trying to inject "Teddy learns to be okay with himself" right jam in the middle of all the Adachi stuff? As long as this is the paragraph of pointing out problems, the action remains aggressively mediocre to the extreme.

On the upside, like most of the stuff they’ve changed, they did a pretty good job with all the Adachi exposition by changing them to flashbacks through TVs in Adachi’s ruined world for the most part. That did fall apart a bit with Namatame and Mitsuko since it devolved into stills, exposition, and close-ups of eyes, taking away a lot of the energy and cabbage-derangedness that really sells insanity for a serial killer. The entire last 5 minutes or so just kind of limped towards the one on one fight at the end. I do have to say that I also really liked him using a more corruptish cop-type persona/shadow the reaper as his main form of attacking instead of Magatsu Izanagi. It fits his image far better than just "dark version of protagonist’s level 1 persona that you haven’t seen for 40 hours," which he goes ahead and summons anyway. Well, beats "giant eyeball," although I’m sure it’ll make its appearance probably require the Social Link Chacha Line to defeat since Izanami’s too busy pumping gas to show up. Which I’m perfectly okay with, mind you, but it’d still be weird to end a Persona anything without some manner of Social Link montage.


Yuu vs Cabbage Master.

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  • anon says:

    That isn’t a “corrupted cop-like” persona. That’s the Reaper, one of the secret bosses of both P3 and P4. I’m surprised they managed to fit it in here. Also, I so called Yuu vs. Adachi being one vs one. I bet it will end with Yuu punching Adachi too since all anime seem to do that nowadays.

    Aroduc says:

    Ha. So it is. Completely forgot about its existence entirely. Oh well, they did a good job fitting it in and making it work regardless. The imagery there is quite nice. Much better than either of “evil protagonist” or “giant eyeball.”