Persona 4 #23 — And The Culprit is…

March 15th, 2012


…Still not going to be revealed…


Wow. Seriously? I guess maybe they’re just eschewing the final dungeon altogether, or maybe dumping it off for the DVDs. Not that I mind really since "Oh, I’m the real real culprit, a bored god. Let us kung-fu fight," doesn’t really work particularly well as the climax of the story either here or in the game. Hopefully that means they’ll pull all the Power of Friends Social Links stuff into the battle against Shadow Cabbage Eye then. That’s a much better way to end the story. The horrible Nanako death/revival probably didn’t help matters in general though. I’m not sure why the game even went for such a horrible attempt at machinated melodrama in the first place. The art wasn’t doing them any favors there either. Chie didn’t look like she was crying, she looked like she was afflicted with the mumps.

Anyway, as usual, I liked the changes they made to the game events, especially the scene where Yuu almost tosses Namatame through the TV in his grief/anger. It did get a little jumbled because they fell back into copy/pasting from the anime immediately after that which followed poorly. Namatame’s flashbacks were also handled fairly well and were a good way to replace him just telling them about it. Japan using flashbacks competently? Let’s throw a goddamned parade. The music also helped sell his mental state there. Most of the episode was still spent on autopilot though, and moving particularly slowly at that during a time when it should be at least beginning to drive towards the big reveal and ending.


Cabbage… at least I hope.

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One Lonely Comment

  • UltimaLuminaire says:

    Where the hell did the bored god thing come from? Last time I checked, Izanami was a raging mad-woman still spitefully smiting the children of Izanagi after he kissed her ass goodbye in Yomi with the most wonderful parting words: “I’ll give birth to more children than you can kill (you ugly b*tch)!”

    Also fits snugly with SMT mythology. Hmm… but I don’t know if you’ve played the games. Ah well. Just know that it does make sense if you’ve been following the main SMT series as well as Persona in general.