Accel World #02 — Would You Like To View the Tutorial?

March 31st, 2012




So much for knowing how to shut up. Do you know what Burst Points are? Well see, they’re like normal points, but in case you have never played any game before in your life, I will now spend the next few minutes explaining the concept of points. Oh, and it’s like gambling too. Not familiar with gambling? Let me explain that. There’s also a compass. As you can see, it points to something. Points to what, you ask? Allow me to goddamned explain that it’s what you’re looking for. Oh wait. I see you’re in the middle of a battle. Would you like me to explain statistics? Okay. HERE’S A FLASHBACK WHERE I’LL SHOW YOU A CHART.

So yeah. This episode was… uh… not so good and did quite a number on the fairly good feelings I had from episode the first. At least Haru wallowed in his own misery slightly less, but everything else took a severe blow. Animation was down, rockin’ guitar mostly vanished, no pig-squash, and saying that unneeded exposition devoured the entire goddamned thing is akin to noting that Galactus is frequently peckish. This was tedious and painful, but it’s still the only Friday show for next season and I’ve got until April 20th to try to purge the exposition out of my mind before giving it another try.

Let’s hope it just switches into a bacon brawl between the girls.

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Eric says:

    The main character looks way too ridiculous next to everyone else.


    well give i bit huh why is everyone look same give one guy look like came from another anime world design?

    yea compare him to shu (guilty crown), issei (high school dxd), amata (aquarion evol), haruaki (c3), & subaru (ro-kyu-bu) & now he is little “piggy” with a another form?

  • The Phantom says:

    If it were only possible to replace the male lead with a mute shadow, I would actually give it a second go to this show, sadly that option is not available so I’m dropping this.

    Rincewind says:

    Or with a female… Im not dropping this. Im not picking this. :P

  • Anise_Punter says:

    The bullying the poor fat kid goes through eventually leads him to his destined path as the God of Lard.