Black★Rock Shooter #03 — My Angst Sense is Tingling

February 16th, 2012


Time to start crying again.


And this would be the exact opposite direction that I wanted the show to go in. It’s also the direction that I originally expected it to go in but let’s set that aside. This was The Banal Lives of High School Girlstm while the Otherworld segments were reduced to maybe about two minutes, almost all of which were characters staring wistfully with the bizarre ending that when Peppy McNewCharacter was killed in the Otherworld, she collapsed at school. If there was even anything worth ripping, I would have just done that instead, but sadly, no. The entire first half of this episode doesn’t really need to exist for that matter and just served to introduce Peppy McNewCharacter, who everybody teamed up on to make fun of because the writing dictated that and then got further angsted up by a character who spent 95% of her screentime crying or longingly touching pictures. Take it down a peg before you’re cutting yourself to Linkin Park, BRS.

Or better yet, do start cutting yourself. Go all the way with this crazy. Stop pussyfooting around like it’s all a bad joke about menstruation and knife someone. Maybe yourself. Maybe someone else. It’s all good.

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7 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Kitsu says:

    And this is the exact direction I don’t like when you blog this stuff.
    The same when you complain for the angst in this show, I can complain for you angst to blog this stuff or other, and don’t going to be very nice for you, isn’t it?

    Aroduc says:

    Yes. I would hate it if things don’t going to be very nice because I angst to blog this stuff or other.

    seibaru says:

    The sarcasm, the trolling… my sides hurt. Aroduc, you’re one magnificent bastard. Seriously people, if you’re going to make an argument, at least learn proper Englisuglabablahblahblahgurgleblorgurbloderp.

  • Allanx says:

    I couldn’t help but notice how nobody else seemed to emote nearly as strongly over Kohachi’s situation as the central cast did. It could be that the way they habitually flip out and cry at the drop of a hat is somehow related to the supernatural phenomenon that links their minds and emotions together.

    Or maybe I’m reading too much into it. After all, there’s only so much that even the most competent screenwriters could do with a drawing that spawned a music video.

    Mushyrulez says:

    It is my belief that the best characters in this show were the manliest characters in this show. Unfortunately, Black Rock Shooter is in fact not about manliness, and so all of its characters are not as ~BEST~ as the manly characters in this show, who don’t actually really exist.

    tl;dr: I watched episode 4 and wrote a post about episode 4 until I realized, whoops, I didn’t watch episode 3 yet. It says something about all the IMPORTANT THINGS that happened in this episode when I didn’t even notice that I didn’t watch it

    Mushyrulez says:

    why did I reply to that comment I don’t even know

  • ALder says:

    Found this on google and it’s pretty embarrassing to read.