Strike Witches… With Skirts! #13 — “Damn Those Kids!”

January 19th, 2012


I like how the antagonists were just pissed off about kids having a party. It was almost what made the most sense.

Sparkly Fox Men’s first 5 minutes failed to generate any kind of emotion whatsoever except the urge to take a nap, which I don’t think counts as an emotion. With four(ish) other shows Thursday morning, that’s not going to cut it.


Seriously? A culture festival? "We’re under quarantine, people are starting to pick fights for no reason, we’re harboring known terrorists, there’s a good chance a riot could break out… LET’S HAVE A CULTURE FESTIVAL! With a live concert!" Oh, Guilty Crown. And then it decides to rewrite Shu’s power to NOT knock people out. He can just pull out their voids and pass them around now apparently. I can’t wait for him to completely forget to use this new power to create some manner of god-army. Or is somehow trapped by the wall that The Man put up to wall them in after declaring no survivors. "Oh no… A WALL. How will I ever be able to defeat that with my gravity gun, super beam cannon, ability to generate fireworks, etc? They have a wall."

And then the ‘action’ of the episode is a bunch of disgruntled people who are pissed off about students having a festival and therefore want to remind them how cruel the world is. I… what? If they were going there to steal their food and supplies or something, fine. The students are clearly spoiled brats with far too many resources if they have the capacity to throw together an entire festival plus musical stage apparently overnight. There’s also Daryl lurking around, I think. It’s a little hard to tell. It looks like him, it talks to the clown like him, it’s an arrogant jerk like him, but somehow, he manages to go a few minutes without trying to shoot anything. It’s like they stripped out every single thing that made him amusing.

And I guess the meat of the episode was Ayase going all angsty for being pulled out and unable to save Gai, so Shu yanks out her void… LEGS.

Thank you, and good night.


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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • alex says:

    if the show wouldn’t be so bad I could at least watch it for the comedy and this OP
    damn that I don’t give a fuck about the visuals

  • TEd says:

    WOW this has to be the worst show ive seen in a long time and yet it gets 26 episodes what a fuckin joke.

  • DmonHiro says:

    In this episode’s defense….

    Nope…. I got nothing.

  • takebou says:

    It’s just better to turn your brain off, and just watch…then laugh.

    Then say to yourself, “Yeah, Imma stop watching this.”

    And by the time next week rolls by, rinse & repeat.

  • Kefit says:

    Holy shit. Ayase became Straight Cougar.

    This show delights in proving me wrong, but I don’t think it can get any more ridiculous than this.

    OK nevermind because something truly hilarious must be in store for Daryl.

  • angie says:

    I lol’d when i saw ayase holding her skirts while she jumps.