Brave 10 #02 — Ninja Art: Lazy Show

January 14th, 2012


Sorry, Brave 10. You’re going to have to be a whole lot worse before you’re ‘good.’


More or less the same as the first episode. Again, if the production was better, this could have at least been interesting, but the show’s ‘action’ trades almost entirely on "character disappears, a few seconds later, a slash appears on their target." Sometimes not even that. Hanzou’s big finishing move was just him waving his swords in a circle in the air and then Saizou started bleeding. I think that technically counts as miming, not action. Isanami was a little less annoying this week, but resorting to both jealousy and a childhood friend… ugh. Come on, Japan. At least try. 

The part I think I enjoyed the most was Hanzou backhanding Isanami to shut her up. The part I enjoyed the least was probably just about everything else. Oh, it threatened every now and then to get notably bad, like Saizou’s childhood friend, Anastasia, who wraps her thighs around his waist as a way of saying hello, but then that just went in the direction of Isanami getting her panties in a twist over someone stealing her man. Then it threatend to get bad-good again when Isanami’s spider sense tingled and she sensed EVIL from a nearby mountain. That ended up being a magic snake, but a polite one that gave them plenty of time to struggle after it accidentally sat on Saizou. He then detonated an explosive to free himself (and give himself a boo boo) before stabbing it in the eye, which resulted in an explosion engulfing most of the mountain, yet causing them absolutely no harm besides somehow throwing them into a cave. Also, snake lady with snakes-for-blood lost about 95% of her potential threat factor when her plan to let Sasuke slash her and use her blood-snake to bite him in the face had no actual effect. "Ha ha! My plan worked perfectly. I’ve minorly inconvenienced you for a few seconds which I’ve now used up gloating!" Great work all around there.

Still not sure what to do with Saturdays then. Bleh.


Battle on the big bridge.

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  • Nan says:

    I can’t be the only one afraid to click that link. For various reasons.

    • Nan says:

      EDIT: why the FUCK would you have that link on your copy/paste????

      • ShuffleAir says:

        Dang it. I wish there was an edit or delete comment button. I swear there used to be one on this site.

        • Aroduc says:

          One of the things that’s been disabled in the name of trying to figure out/get rid of the 500 ISEs. Not working so far. Stupid site.

          Went ahead and deleted that for you though.

          And that’s a snake jumping out of a limb that Sasuke just slashed.

        • Nan says:

          I hear trailing /s at the end of urls cause a lot of issues and are easy to overlook. Permalink settings, iirc?

  • GF202020 says:

    I say keep this one just to point out the Tales references and laziness on the behalf of Brave.

    ..or just Rio it for lulz.

  • shadow says:

    the men, the superior genre are here the heroes

  • TEd says:

    I like this show its pretty good and next episode should be good