Farmer Opera Milky Holmes #13 — Useless, Useless, Useless, Useless

December 31st, 2011


We like that word, dont’ we?

Another pre-airing special. The actual broadcast starts on the 5th. There wasn’t a second episode preview, just a promo for the season starting.


And in our continuing adventures, Milky Holmes has lost their way and become happy (and fed) farmers, driving Henriette to aneurysms again and making all her goons try to cheer her up in various ways until they all just break down and destroy the Milky Commune, which sends the detectives into a berserker rage and after a number of incorrect transformations, proper order is momentarily restored before Rat blows them all up and then Kokoro is blasted by a cannon into the thieves. Henriette then takes a backhoe to the commune and puts it all to an end.

And then Henriette has a giant missile between her thighs for the ED.

So basically, back to business as more or usual. I definitely wouldn’t say that it was the strongest Milky Holmes episode around and a lot of it seemed dedicated to a really unnecessary  "REMEMBER THESE CHARACTERS?" stuff, but it’s nice to see at least a chunk of the madcap nonsensical humor again. Cordy gets an award this week for going full-on Julie Andrews and singing through their entire hippy escapade, but she’s always been the most deranged one. I have no idea what was up with the art guy either, or his hair that looked like his head was being squeezed to death by some kind of monster claw. Hopefully with the re-intros out of the way, it can get back to wacky adventures. I guess maybe this season’s focus will be recovering their garden? Well, it’s not like the ‘plot’ matters at all.

And yes, I did notice Twenty sneak into the girl’s sleepover in the ED.



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One Lonely Comment

  • Luis G. Gonzalez Moret says:

    Cordelia has jugs? Color me shocked.

    No really, I’m quite happy that I’m right.