Spinning Penguindrum #11 — Love Elephants

September 22nd, 2011


The metaphors here are getting a little obtuse.


Shock, another episode where pretty much nothing happened until the closing minutes. I did find it highly amusing that the episode spent more time alerting the audience with a big sign that a flashback is coming than actually showing the flashback itself. Masako also lost a lot of her threat rating by… not surprisingly… opening her mouth and droning on and on about how she was a hunter for love seeking her prey, the elephant known as Kanba Kamba while yellow signs spun around and elephants trumpeted. Letting him openly wander around her home after playing secret agent for the past three months didn’t help her threat rating either. And then they had no faces, although I’m at least 85% sure that was just the budget running out again.

But then it’s off to yet more Ringo antics for most of the middle, which you can tell you should be taking seriously because there’s a penguin flying around on its farts. She manages to successfully drug Tabuki with one of those crazy Japanese magical pheremones that turns people into horny rapists, but changes her mind before being interrupted in the middle of having angry frog sex. So Yuri convinces her that she actually loves someone else so it’s off to go tell Shouma she likes him and/or beat him up while Yuri gets to have angry frog sex in her place. If it had ended with Shouma getting run over by a car again after claiming to be responsible for Momoka’s death via DESTINY, then it would have been a win/win situation for everybody involved.

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Anonymous says:

    i follow your summaries, but i still have no idea what this show is about

  • firecow says:

    What was the point of Ringo again? Because she seems unnecessary for this show.

  • That Guy says:

    I’m impressed by your continual ability to miss the point each and every week.