Under the Innocent Sky #09 — Sugar Rush

May 29th, 2011


Ye gods, calm down.

Sorry this is a little later than usual. Forgot to set my alarm. Didn’t wake up until noon.


Like last week’s episode, a lot of this one felt like wasted time, and what developments were revealed and/or happened were not particularly well handled. We learned that Takashi’s gone off to Gretagard in his escapism and it’s up to the other two to cover for him. It would be interesting if Takashi’s void caused a struggle for dominance to break out between the other two, but it doesn’t feel like that’s what they’ve been building towards at all. Besides that, some conflict shot up out of absolutely nowhere between Hiyoko and all the characters at the cafe. That scene was so bizarrely handled. I kept waiting for a punchline at the end of it, but instead just got plain, boring melodrama. I’m not even sure how all three of them manage to forget or not realize that she was changing behind a curtain all of five feet away from them.

The rest was mostly a lot of the usual Chitose antics. He did schtick with Asuka, riffed about the bar idols (he is not the loveliest idol of the bunch), and was assaulted by the girl (Miyako I think her name was) that Takashi had imaginary sex with. It felt like my ears had been raped after that scene. Ow. Hayato’s little segment was also a bit weirdly directed, and even came with a dramatic insert song when Naru found her little thingy all of about two minutes after revealing that it existed. She did realize that it’s the first time she’s ever seen Hayato in the morning though, so while she’s not as sharp as Asuka, at least she does have a brain working in there, even if it is the size of a pea.


Endlessly flipping

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Nanaya says:

    Gah. Word overflow. Tell me I wasn’t the only person flinching away from my computer screen for that jabber blitzkrieg.

    And I like her character more from that. I’m afraid to find out what that says about me.

    Hayate says:

    No worries. I like her character too…though…the scary thing was that jabber blitzkrieg she did in that video…I don’t know how but my brain processed what she said and I understood it…