Steins;Gate #04 — Harem Upkeep 2

April 26th, 2011


I wonder if every other episode is just going to be Okarin visiting all his ‘women.’


This is as good a place to throw in the towel as any, particularly because even less happened this week than in past weeks and while probably not quite as cheap as the flying lights and recycled footage, the direction was lazier and cheaper than ever. The camera had an almost magnetic attraction to walls, vending machines, random pieces of scrap metal scenery, etc. I guess the episode was ostensibly meant to flesh out Makise a little more, but all they really showed is that she has daddy issues. Her interactions with Okarin are 95% less entertaining when the camera is focused on the coin slot of a washing machine.

Meanwhile, Okarin is off in hot pursuit of the IBN PC, so it means that he’ll be going on another tour through his harem. It’s almost indistinguishable from particularly bad filler from Slayers or something where they have to play magical tennis because for some reason, the trophy is the Claire Bible… or maybe an adventure game where you need to use the monkey as a wrench to make rat vichyssoise to trade it for a voodoo necklace. Before you get the magical widget, you must… do some laundry! Okay, now… face this waitress! Maybe… Visit that transgendered priestess! Okay, quest over. Once again, it ends with the guy in drag. Like I said, a good a place as any to cut my losses and flee.

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10 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • alex says:

    sounds like a RPG

  • DMZ says:

    I’m glad I stopped after episode 1. I’m all for “mystery” type shows, but it was dreadfully boring.

  • amyable says:

    Personally, I’m watching this for the Okarin/HTS interaction more than anything else. This episode had plenty of that, so I was satisfied. They deviated from the VN this episode (especially re: HTS’s reappearance), so I wonder if they’re gonna end up animating her ending.

  • Senna says:

    B-but, I love the Slayers tennis episode!

  • Kaisos says:

    This is the type of show that is only going to get interesting about halfway through, and while I’m fine with waiting for it to do so, some people, mostly those who have ADHD, are not, and that’s fine.

    Aroduc says:

    Only in anime fandom is “you have to give it 3 months before it becomes interesting” ‘acceptable.’ Funny that.

    Kaisos says:

    Right, because it’s a currently airing show. You have to ask, however: Would this be as much of a problem if you were watching the show after the fact?

    That’s the way I view it, at least. I liken watching anime like this to making an investment.

    Aroduc says:

    Yes, it would still be a problem. Let’s call it five DVDs to get to episode 13, the point where it becomes ‘good.’ At Japan’s prices. And now entry price is get to a ‘good’ show is past the price of a PS3.

  • kkd says:

    the original game build up the character relationships and background stories about halfway through the game, then came the huge twist that blew peoples’ mind off. Whole mood of the story turns 180 degree at that point. I guess same will be applied to the anime version.

  • Forte says:

    I think that the show is getting better, but you can definitely see where it doesn’t seem to have focus, for an anime anyway.
    One of the problems I have with anime is that the bulk of it are adaptations. This being so, it’s a different medium for the story to be presented in than the game or manga or novel.
    I feel like the issue that Steins;Gate has at the moment is that it’s being presented as more of a visual novel than an anime.

    I’m going to keep on watching this because CHRISTINAAAAAAA is cute.