Infinite Stratos #10 — Sisterly Love

March 10th, 2011


What exactly is with people in this show and doing things to Ceci’s butt?


Meh. This was pretty clumsy execution and conflicting… well… everything all around. Houki suddenly jolts out of her tendency to sit off in the corner writing angsty poems to herself where she’s been in since about episode 4 to rejoin those wacky harem antics, followed by her sister appearing up in a flying carrot to salsa music. I really don’t ask for much with this show, but a little consistency would be oh so nice. Besides, is it really that much of a relief to walk in on him just massaging his sister? Really? I can hardly remember the days when Ichika wasn’t as thick as a post. Also, being forced to listen to Tabane is like having a team of chipmunks sharpening pencils in your ear. I think they forced Yukari Tamura to mainline speed before letting her do any work.

And then we hit about the 14 minute mark and spend basically the rest of the episode in a combat briefing for a berserk IS, something totally not fabricated on the spot at all. Half of the briefing came from Chifuyu, half from Tabane. Unfortunately, neither part was interesting in the slightest and reeked of the usual spiel where the writers suddenly remember that the show’s ending and they need to do something to signify that. How about just having the damn thing appear, attack, and cause some damage instead? It’s not like that would make any less sense than half the cast being apparently completely ignorant of a massive international incident. Besides, we could look at those armaments you’re so keen to tell us about, at length. A bunch of talking heads is far more budget-friendly I suppose.




Long distance shots!

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19 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Dual says:

    Berserk IS incident fabricated on the spot? I take people with short-term memory dont remember the intro scene in the first episode

    • Aroduc says:

      Does it matter? Them going from gags about Ichika touching his sister and bunny girls to “Oh, hey guys, WMD en route. Everybody needs to team up now to stop it, this will take exactly as long as we need to get to the end of the series” is not well thought out writing.

  • Chen says:


    Also, hello image macro.

  • Lunar says:

    So she got an Epyon.

  • Megaman0 says:

    I thought this series was running for longer than 13 Eps…?

  • Anonymous says:

    That’s a lot of Cecilia I’m seeing. I am intrigued.

  • Nanaya says:

    Fun fact: harem anime follow horror movie rules!

    As in, you will never see a (modern?) harem series where they cut all the antics and have the protagonist sleep with someone and have it not go horribly wrong and bloody (ie School Days).

    So my new theory is that Ichika’s character is so well written that he is actually amazingly bright and recognizes his universes’ rule of sex=death. The only way to survive is to be so blatantly kampherprotagonist that getting laid is a physical impossibility.

    …I will keep my optimism in humanity’s intelligence if I have to delude an entire subplot dammit.

  • anon says:

    Why did Houki need to get her own IS? If I recall, she’s a shit pilot.

    • Sophora says:

      Nepotism of course. She wouldn’t have gotten one if her sister wasn’t the inventor of the IS.

    • AfroSquirrel says:

      Her sister is testing herself. If she can make an IS that makes Houki not-useless, it’ll just be another proof of her amazing IS-making-ability.

    • Aex says:

      That way she’ll be on the same level as everyone else! XD Now just imagine if they had given that thing to Charlotte or someone good…

  • Sporklord says:

    The power of their IS is directly proportional to the amount that the character sucks. Which is why Houki gets one in a league all its own.

  • Aex says:

    First half: good harem comedy. Second half: waste of time. Houki getting her own IS and being thrown into center stage kinda pissed me off, especially since she’s been completely out of everything for so long now. Only thing that pissed me off more was Ichika basically being forced onto the mission. He spends all this time going “I will get stronger!” then he can’t believe he’s going on a real assignment… that’s just bad writing.

    • rozen123 says:

      Um, I don’t know about you. But, it’s not uncommon for teens or even soldiers to be nervous on their first combat mission.
      It’s not bad writing, it’s actually pretty realistic. Sure, Ichika can say that he would want to be stronger, but it does not change the fact that he could possibly lose his life here, a fact that Chifuyu reinforced.

      • Nanaya says:

        If the writing in this series was better and the characters more fleshed out, yes. But as it has been, interpreting it as intelligent writing makes them seem suddenly kinda out of character.

  • Rednal says:

    Ichika’s also, what, fifteen years old? That’s young enough to still be a little dense; three more years and I’d totally disbelieve it, but…

  • The Phantom says:

    This is a “by the book” harem with a few mecha elements, nothing happened, nothing will happen and it will never reach any conclusion.

    I agree that is fun for a while but it gets repetitive rather fast.