Mitsudomoe #20 — Random Acts of Bizet

February 19th, 2011


It’s funny because they already made this joke with Swan Lake in the first season, right?


First half was decent, second half, less so. First half also had a lot of Chiba’s pants being plundered, in various ways. I’m not sure why this show insists on violently swinging around through the seasons either. Christmas segments followed by summer segments is just a weird direction decision and shows how little planning went into this. Or at least good planning. I did appreciate the Bizet ED, despite the recycled footage, but I’ve always loved the L’Arlesienne Suite. What that had to do with curling, I’ll probably never know, but anything to liven up that damn boring ‘sport.’

The first part was people trying to dress up like (female) santa to give Sugisaki’s brother his present. Next was another in Miyashita’s attempts to woo Hitoha, this time by understanding her desk habits. The third part was a substitute teacher complaining about how it’s a class full of devil children plus Futaba losing her voice. Neither of which are enough to carry a segment and even less so when focus was split. Fourth was everybody getting really really sweaty. Disgustingly so. Finally, curling in the pool. Unfortunately, they just went with the "Mitsuba is fat" joke and called it a day.


Advertising the last episode with recycled footage? Oh boy!

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  • Pronas says:


  • firecow says:

    I know what you mean man

  • firecow says:

    Aroduc, do you know why there is only eight episodes of Mitsudomoe?

  • Aroduc says:

    Probably because the first season was not even close to being financially successful so they decided to cut their losses.

  • firecow says:

    That sucks doesn’t it?

  • Takebou says:

    Needed more Nipples.

  • Pronas says:

    more panties and nipples then.

  • U.Renko says:

    someone in the staff REALLY likes classical music…
    not that I’m complaining