Mitsudomoe #18 — Dissension in the Ranks

February 5th, 2011


They’re really forcing those eyesight jokes these days…


Another fairly uninspired episode that lacked energy or any kind of comedic timing. Let’s just punt on this school thing and go back to sentai parodies. I feel like the Valentine’s Day/White Day segments deserve special mention for being truly awful. The episode was merely average before those two disasters hit and dragged the whole thing to pot. The former provided the setup for gag and then that was it. The joke was that exactly what Mitsuba had just imagined happened to her. Even Wile E. Coyote’s plans go wrong with more twists than that. I can only assume that it saved them money having only to write the scene once and then swap character models, but then again, I can’t imagine the writers even bother to show up most days. The White Day segment was similarly awful in that they flat out told you exactly what was going to happen and then spent the next few minutes going through the motions before trying to wring melodrama out of it. Seriously? You’re going to cue the dramatic music and tears, sparkly backgrounds, and tears for that? I couldn’t even chuckle at Sugisaki trying to lick the crumbs off of Matsuoka’s face because my eyes were rolled too far back.

The first segment was Satou’s stalkers hatching a new plan, but one of them is starting to turn on the others. Then Sugisaki’s mother going on an expedition into the classroom. After that was Mitsuba trying to one-up Sugisaki through insulting/withholding Valentine’s Day chocolates. Sugisaki makes a new friend in the next when all her friends abandon her to go make cookies in secret for White Day. Physical checkup for the girls next along with the guys realizing that life isn’t so rosy, and the last segment was barely 30 seconds long and consisted of nothing more than Hitoha accidentally insulting whose-her-face.


What ever happened to Hitoha’s book? Or the hamster?

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9 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Mesousa says:

    Um, dude, I thought the episode was one of the best ones yet.

  • Hexmage says:

    I enjoyed it well enough (although I’ll echo the sentiment about making more Gachi Rangers episodes).

    My favorite part is when the boys decided they just wanted all the girls to shut the fuck up for once.

  • Hexmage says:

    Oh, I also liked when Mitsuba got her head knocked on the desk before screaming “YOU APOLOGIZE TO ME THIS INSTANT!”

  • sage says:

    Needs more MILF.

  • Megaman0 says:

    I thought the episode was funny I especially liked the you’ve been listening in on our conversation bit at the end.

  • Bevin Kacon says:

    I’m sorry, but how can you claim to know anything about comedy when you think Cthulu humor is funny? That’s almost as bad as “OOOOOOOO it’s a reference” or “HAHA it’s funny cuz it has zombies!”.