Infinite Stratos #08 — When In Doubt, Use Tentacles

February 24th, 2011


Because that’s symbolism we can all understand.


Pretty good episode action packed episode, although it got kind of silly about 10 minutes in and stayed that way for awhile, complete with Ichika using Kendo 101 while glowing to end it. Ichika is also winning entirely too many of these fights by having the flavor of the week stick something into him and then glowing. Freudian! …I think. Anyway, I really didn’t like the placement of Laura’s big flashback about being trained as a weapon stuffed in the middle of the fight either. It would have been much better either before or after so that it didn’t interrupt the flow as much. The weird nanomachine metamorphisis when her computer/brain went out of control was also probably unneeded. What’s wrong with a little berserker rage instead of transforming into some kind of nanomech valkyrie? At least she lost the bunny/german shepherd ears in the process.

Unsurprisingly, Laura shot herself and Houki in the foot in the fight anyway while Ichika and Charl actually used teamwork and ironically enough for not being the ones with a computer embedded in their face (not to mention this show in general), their brains, to take the advantage. The high concentration of action did mean that the art was especially janky this week though. Really janky in places. Of course, now there’s no real plot again unless you count Laura marking her territory so it’s off to have a beach episode before the show does… whatever it’s going to do to start thinking about wrapping things up. Maybe they’ll drop in some more terrorists to fight.


What an exciting preview!

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30 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Anonymous says:

    So is Germany now officially part of his harem?

  • shadow says:

    then is male, the hero, the macho to rescue .

  • alex says:

    now prepare for some rape from Germany…Germany will rape you

  • yuuji says:

    i like how the next episode is called ocean’s eleven

  • Anonymous says:

    ichika just activated trans-am

  • Dual says:

    Ichika is Laura’s husbando

    • Okita says:

      The sword/Byakushi is a first generation cause remember his sister used that attack to win mondo groso so i think his sword is a first generation weapon and since he doesn’t have the aptitude to use guns/bus port for the equalizer he uses his sisters old sword

  • Shiden says:

    Go Alt Eisen! Revolving Bunker!

    So, 4th generation Byakushiki has a shield piercing attack that depletes its own shield gauge, while the 2nd generation Rafael Revive does the exact same thing with a weapon that won’t kill you when you use it. *sigh*

    • Shiden says:

      Looking at the ep again, the continuity in the fight was really shoddy. Partway through, Charlotte wrecked the Schwarzer Regen’s railgun. Later, when Laura gets staked, the railgun is back, and she goes flying into the wall. Charlotte then rushes forward, catching Laura (still with the railgun and fully armored) some distance away from the wall, and starts up the stake again. All of a sudden, Laura’s up against the wall again.

      Kind of minor, but it’s one of those things that you can’t help but look at and complain about once you see it.

      • Rednal says:

        Considering the way they summon weapons out of nowhere, it’s not impossible for them to carry multiples… particularly if they seem to prefer dual-wielding them, and again if they sort of *expect* things to get broken. It’d really suck to lose because your opponent broke all your stuff, so carrying a few extras… *Shrugs*

      • Shiden says:

        ^ I think it’s a little different for the bits that are apparently part of the frame itself, like Laura’s railgun. Charlotte has, IIRC, 20 or so weapons stored away, but those are all hand carried. Having a spare of a large part of the IS frame seems unreasonable, especially since it appears and disappears as the episode progresses.

        I did, however, leave one entry off my list. When Laura goes berserk, the railgun is missing again, so it’s probably the animators being inconsistent and forgetting that it wasn’t supposed to be there.

      • chad001 says:

        You want inconsistent? It’s mathematically impossible for Laura to have lasted longer than the second Shield Pierce, because the first did about 280 pts of damage, and put her at 120, from 400. Therefore, the second hit should’ve finished her, but then Charles hit her with at least FOUR more, while she’s monologuing about how she can’t lose.

  • sage says:


  • Okita says:

    As much as I like germany I’m still rooting for france go Charlotte D:

  • Aex says:

    Yeah, the second half of this episode was made of win! Absolutely loved the last 2 minutes lol! Charlotte comes out, and Laura stakes her claim: awesome!!

  • shadow says:

    then when a enemy is strong or medium power the hero to rescue and the girls only to watch.
    and the girls only play with when the enemy is very weak
    or stupid

  • Looks like all you need to make Germans lust for your cock is to beat them at battle once.

  • Rednal says:

    Well, Germany doesn’t seem to be slowing down the blitz… which is good. ^^ I like her. Much better to see somebody who knows what they want and dives for it than yet another girl who can’t really spit it out… a Houki Ending, at this point, seems like it’d have to be really forced, since there’s almost nothing to their relationship besides “We’re Friends”… France or Germany would be *much* better. Buuuut… It’s anime, so I guess Japan has to win. Meh.

    Although I worry about a school that will let girls go on vacation right after they blow though the wall(s) and unleash dangerous weapons in the middle of a crowd of people who don’t have powered armor. Good job protecting folks, Germany. You deserve a day at the beach. What ARE they teaching these people, though? *Sigh* It’d be an interesting twist if they actually punished people properly for bad behavior… Oh, well, at least the show has plenty of explosions. ^^

  • The Phantom says:

    I like charles and Laura the most, seriously laura was very cute at the end, and charles has waaaaay more development than any of the childhood girls or the irrelevant blonde, and wow the last 5 mins of the show were amazing.

    I also like ichika’s relationship with his sister, they both seem to care for each other.

  • jingoi says:

    I haven’t watched this yet so why did Charlotte give up her advantage of being Ichika’s roommate?
    Houki’s chances of winning came back now Charlotte can’t secretly be with Ichika, such a boring pairing is near.

    • Rednal says:

      I dunno, Houki’s reaction to Ichika towards the end didn’t seem to make much sense at all… really, she’s not good girlfriend material. C’mon, animators, pull a Shuffle and have somebody else win…