Infinite Stratos #07 — AIC is Overpowered

February 17th, 2011


I should just write two paragraphs of bad jokes about the studio.

 Don’t get used to this being early. It’s back to class next week.


I wasn’t really feeling this episode for the most part, and it wasn’t because Laura’s threat levels drop about three tiers when she has black bunny ears in her mech. The pacing was probably the primary problem since very little happened outside of the beatdown. That was mostly pretty well done, but like Freezing, it’s hard to get excited when one character just waves their hand and brings everything to a complete stop and/or wins depending on the needs of the writing. Houki’s stuff at the start was literally out of nowhere and she was all but a complete non-entity in the rest of the episode. Her only point this week was to have a flashback that will no doubt provide context to her actually doing something next week. Shouldn’t that have come… you know… when it’s relevant? Laura’s AIC (Active Inertia Canceller) also seemed a bit corny and absurdly overpowered as well if she can just flex one hand and bring an opponent to a complete stop. I’m not even sure that beams of energy have inertia either. What exactly is the mass of a beam? Maybe it’s the same physics that keeps Charl’s breasts so compressed.

Other than Laura beating down China and Great Britain, there wasn’t a whole ton going on. Everybody got it into their heads that the winner of the tournament gets to go out with Ichika, and with the two superpowers sidelined, they’re now rooting for Ichika/Charl to win. Of course, Charl is unable to take off her panties without falling over onto her hands and knees and sticking her naked butt in Ichika’s direction. Or maybe it’s just Freudian and she’s making a very very direct request of him. Since they ‘censored’ that scene by showing random shots of scenery while making loud noises, I also wonder exactly what series of events would have led from Charl’s panties around her ankles and butt in the air to Ichika holding them with his face two feet from the Loire Valley looking confused. He can’t seriously be that thick, can he? Maybe that’s how he gets around Laura’s AIC next week. Build up enough density and your inertia will be unstoppable.


Victory bath!

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21 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • DmonHiro says:

    Is anyone else rooting for Charlotte? I know I am.

  • Dual says:

    Damn censorship

  • Eirias says:

    Loire Valley. Heh.

  • Nanaya says:

    Well, I’m assuming the beams aren’t made up of light rays. For it to have mass, it would have to be a form of plasma, but in this case something that completely stops “inertia” is just odd, given that plasma has a minute amount of mass on top of being freaking plasma. At the moment, having just woken up, all I can think of is that that as the AIC works regardless of density and mass, it’s based on adding overwhelming amounts of friction to something while possibly draining kinetic potential to power itself.

    This would result in anything not made of plotanium being torn apart from the stopping, which brings in the idea that it actually is an energy drain that somehow siphons all the kinetic energy away while replacing it with friction, but that makes the most sense outside of “whoo majuk stoppin motion ‘an ALL enurgy ‘an kinectuc movinment.”

    Which I would say would be a shame, except Charles’ breast-shrinkage/expansion technique already breaks every law of mass AND energy conservation simultaneously.

    • Aroduc says:

      Or just makes the air really really dense and has nothing to really do with inertia at all. I’d imagine that would make it hard for Ichika to breathe, but hey! Science!

    • marcus says:

      hey, it did follow one law… the laws of anime.

  • Shinji103 says:

    Anybody who watches science fiction television, whether it be anime or US television, should have learned long ago: entertainment >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> science. :P

  • EXM says:

    Surprised you made no comment about Chifuyu stopping Laura’s IS attack with a sword. I mean… seriously? She stopped a military grade combat machine with a good ol’ katana?

    • Aroduc says:

      Physics! I did notice that, or at least that even holding a sword that large should have snapped her wrists like a twig, but there was so much other nonsense to talk about instead.

      • Tylon says:

        Lol… A few episode ago, Rin did a ‘partial’ transformation. Wouldn’t her arm or body suffer a certain degree of strain?

        The same thing could be applied to this episode. However, there is another issue; how did Chifuyu manage to rush to the spot?
        Ah, I know how she did it; transform and rush in -> throw away the IS suit and leave the sword outside -> Just to show to the kids that how capable she is…
        AND to satisfy a group of people: OL with large sword…

        Conclusion: If you want to transform, do it the complete version. Please include those 1 minute++ version, k?

  • pata says:

    i only like one part,
    when ichika and charlotte are changing.
    then i don’t what the fuck happened.
    we saw some nice sceneries
    and ichika’s already holding her panties…


  • FlameStrike says:

    LOLLLLL Wow Aroduc, your jokes have me floored. Hahahaha

  • Aex says:

    Next time we’ll have to deal with Houki AND Laura on a team? What, Laura wasn’t angsty enough? Great… can we seriously get to the part where Ichika beats the hell out of them already? I can already hear Houki going “I can’t forfeit because personal blah blah BS”…

    *sigh* Too much drama. The Charl, Rin, and Cecilia scenes after the fight only barely make up for it.

  • Nanaya says:

    Wait, it never occured to either of them that one of them could get changed in the bathroom, which is the obvious choice, as opposed to getting undressed 2 feet away with their backs turned?

    If I had any proof that the writing was anything above mediocre/poor, I would say that there was tons of subtext behind that scene. That said, I now cast my vote for Charles given that she’s the least annoying, thus the most likeable, and thus will never come out ahead.

    EDIT: wait, he knocked himself out half dressed, then woke up some time later fully dressed? I just thought of the funniest plot twist ever that will never happen.

    • Aroduc says:

      They’re not very bright. This has long since been proven.

      • Nanaya says:

        I dunno, I bet the lead to Kampher could figure that one out. Now I’m wondering if this series is going to end with Charles slapping a paternity suit on Ichika. Would make sense with her backstory’s family…

    • chad001 says:

      What probably happened, was an Adaptation Decay, basically, there was probably some sort of buffer scene in the light novels that was too insignificant to put in the anime, but would’ve given some reason for the change in clothing.

  • Zensoku Zenshin says:

    Bunny ears? I originally thought it was meant to make her look like a german shepherd or something what with the claws and all…

    Can’t unsee it, though.