My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute #02 — East vs West

October 9th, 2010


I’m surprised that I’m posting this today too.

With shades of the Mitsudomoe screwup last season and numerous other ‘simulcasting’ mistakes of the past comes ANN putzing up their OreImo simulcast and letting episode 2 leak a day early (and a week before they were going to put it up!) by forgetting to set access permissions and naming the file the same as the first episode. Great work, team! Oh well, I had nothing to watch today anyway. Well, aside from the Yozakura Quartet OVA which was supposed to be out yesterday. It’s lost in the ether somewhere.


Better than the first episode, but still not quite up to where I’d like the show to be. Kyousuke continues to be the main problem, contrbuting little more than grunting and the ability to look traumatized by anything. I question his wisdom of "find friends on the internet" too. So much for reality. AIC also put a smidge of effort into the visuals this time with a couple visual parodies when Kuroneko and Kirino were arguing about anime. There was also a Claw. You know how I love Claws. It’s already the cutest character on the show, and perhaps may also have the most personality too. I can’t wait for Kyousuke to walk in on the Claw while it’s playing some kind of hardcore tentacle rape game, because that’s how the Claw rolls.

The main annoyance this week probably won’t bother too many other people, but the glasses girl speaks with an infuriating accent that makes me want to jam a sledgehammer into her mouth. It was almost as irritating as Kirino’s lime green nail polish. And she’s supposed to be a fashion model? Yuck. I also found it amusing how within seconds of visiting a message board, they found a nice and friendly group for her insted of a pack of deviants and rapists. To say nothing of getting a longwinded response seconds later before heading off to meet said group. Are we on the same internet here? Remember kids, you too can meet friends on the internet, and they won’t rape or murder you at all! That accent should count as assault and battery though.

Urgh. YouTube’s messing with my encodes for this for some reason. I’ll fix it when I can.


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13 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Mesousa says:

    Kiyosuke being traumitized by anything?

    I’m getting Setzubou-Sensei flashbacks…

  • Anonymous says:

    that paragraph about the internet was priceless, there are no lonely people in the oreimo world

    also take that japan we are watching the premiere

  • Anonymous says:

    So are you giving it the green light or still holding off judgment until next week?

    Aroduc says:

    It improved, so it gets another week, if for no other reason than it’s a good way to permanently excuse myself from Arakawa. I do wish AIC would put a little more effort into things other than Kirino’s blushing though.

  • Chen says:

    Ha ha ha! Internet predators.

    Green nail polish is yuck indeed. On the plus side, return of the Claw!

    Albedo says:

    This time it’s personal!

  • karry says:

    “I also found it amusing how within seconds of visiting a message board, they found a nice and friendly group for her insted of a pack of deviants and rapists.”

    Completely realistic. Found a very nice anime club to join to in my youth, from the first try. Happened to be a pretty cool crowd, apart from weed smoking. So i dont know, maybe YOUR internet raped you as a child, mine didnt.

  • pata says:

    Those glasses, do they really sell those things?
    Why is it always when an otaku or a nerd is introduced they always wear the same kind of glasses…
    Really, if it exist in real life. who will buy those glasses!

  • Wererat42 says:

    In the manga (and possibly the novel) Kirino is worried about it being a cover for rapists or something, which is why she makes Kyousuke comes along. Not sure how it plays out in the anime, as I haven’t seen it yet.

    It does seem more realistic that way, but I think the manga has been playing up the romantic aspect too much, focusing on them holding hands and stuff, and Kirino is a lot less tsun and a lot more dere.

  • rufe says:

    I mean…they are all meeting in a public place in a large group. Not exactly ideal for a rapist unless I’m missing something here…

    And yea, the accent is annoying, but It’s clearly supposed to be. It’s a stereotypical otaku accent from long ago that was probably never real (at least, I hope not).

    rufe says:

    forgot to mention, but I thought Manami and Kyousuke were being…cute in their little scene together.

  • Required Name Here says:

    I dunno, the green might not have been so bad if she weren’t wearing pink… maybe… okay, probably not…

    I assumed the PM was just some sort of form letter that got sent out automatically when someone joins. I’d also like to point out that it’s not like they just rushed out the very second they got that email to go to Akihabara…

  • alex says:

    nothing great but quite enjoyable