Maiden Demon Zakuro #03 — After School Special

October 18th, 2010


Silly Japan and its mixed blood racism.


A fairly mundane episode about "life’s tough for half-demons growing up" and that goes double for when there are random monsters trying to eat you. Wasn’t this also the plot of a Teen Titans episode where Starfire gets a zit? In any case, the ending to the episode with all the other halfsies teasing Zakuro for sharing a room with Kei was very cute and easily the best part so they finished things on a high note at least. The rest… eh. Inuyasha already stretched the whole "half-demons are saaaaad and have hard liiiiiiiives" thing out for a couple decades. I’m already tired of it here after twenty minutes.

I am starting to get a little more concerned about the writing here. Kei gets told some new random fact about Zakuro in the first half, then uses it to bond with her. They’re not exactly doing a great job mixing up the formula from episode to episode. They could have done a lot better with this monster too since it’s the first that wasn’t the result of just some random misunderstanding between humans and demons. Unfortunately, they just kind of brushed it aside an went "Eh, flesh-eating monsters. Wotcha gonna do about ’em?" More interestingly, there’s some foreshadowing and the first glimpse of what appears to be antagonists, although given how quick they are to flee, they’re not all that imposing thus far. At least they have the evil grins down.


Hotaru gets some action.

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