Hidamari Sketch ×☆☆☆ #14 — Remorseless Eating Machines

October 28th, 2010


No wonder they have to exercise every morning.

Oh right. Special 1 was being broadcast, then both episodes were out on Blu-Ray a couple days later, then special 2 gets broadcast. I’d feel bad about not paying more attention to release schedules if it wasn’t Shaft and Shaft wasn’t insane.


Not the most entertaining way for this show to go out, but not all that different from usual either. The barbecue in the second part was a little more fun than the first bit. I swear that Yoshinoya’s breasts are getting larger as this show goes on. Maybe she’s pregnant… or ODing on female growth hormones. At least they didn’t try to cram every single cameo character into their little quasi-finale. I do wonder how eight 90 pound Japanese girls managed to eat what appeared to amount to about the equivilent of a small water buffalo and still be hungry after it. 

The first part about Yuno going home to hang out with her parents… and then spending half the time on the phone with the gang back at the apartment was… bizarre. Most of the rest was spent either molesting or being molested by the cat. I did enjoy how her mother apparently brought food to the table, then put it on the floor, then moved it onto the table. I don’t think you thought out that scene particularly well, Shinbo. It also undermines that old episode from long long ago where Yuno’s life was gray and drab until Miyako showed up in a fireworks of color and bad imagery by having all sorts of ebullient friends waiting to greet her, but hey, given the drug use, I doubt Shaft employees have short or long term memory.

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One Lonely Comment

  • Mesousa says:

    Can you do something besides blushing and be nervous, Natsume?

    Also, I want more Miyako fanservice. Come on, Shaft, she has big boobs, too.