The Big O ×☆☆☆ #12 — Iron Chef Japan

March 25th, 2010


Today’s secret ingredient is… tomato!

So, Juuden’s 4th DVD special was about five straight minutes of lesbian (cyborgs) having sex. I… think we’ll just skip that one.


And thus, it ends. At least it was a pretty decent final episode and I think one of the most enjoyable ones of the season. Then again, that could just be because I was playing through countless Big O and Iron Chef jokes in my mind through the entire episode. Or perhaps just coming off of kiss x sis, everything else feels a little more enjoyable in contrast. There actually was a surprisingly little amount of silliness this week as I think back on the episode though. Miyako really should have gone to town with the tomatoes. I am rather glad that they didn’t go through the big ol’ photo montage to cram every character into the episode like they did with the ending of the previous season.

Final thoughts at the bottom.

Final Thoughts:

Sadly, practically everything I sad at the end of x365 still holds. It’s still a decent show, and Shaft definitely did improve the art for this version, but they also became even more locked into their little formula of "Brief Yoshinoya scene, girls exercising, "…", Yuno takes a bath, PROFIT." I know I’ve said it before, but series jokes are fine if they’re actually jokes, but since aside from the Yoshinoya bits, the rest just reeked of being thrown in to fill in a little bit of time and to let the writers knock off to the pub early.

The new characters also didn’t really add anything and are easily the weakest of the lot. They’re just kind of… there… not really doing anything or ever being funny at all. The most enjoyment I got out of them was learning that Shaft spells blondie’s name as "Nazna," QUEEN OF THE INCAN GODS. *Ahem*. So I guess overall, I’d call it one step forward for the art, and a step and a half backward for the writing and characters. If you enjoyed the first two seasons, this is pretty much more of the exact same thing, perhaps slightly worse depending on your taste for the new character’s and Shaft’s formulaic direction.

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  • Haesslich says:

    Ah, Continuity. How I’ve missed thee (we saw them planting the tomatoes way back when). Also, this is pretty much sticking to the manga story, so you should direct your complaints to the mangaka’s and her writing, rather than Shaft’s direction. At least they didn’t go all anime-original the way Vampire Bund did… and hoo boy, did they fuck everything up and make that first episode weird. It would’ve fit in fine with Hidamari… probably.