Hidden God #11 — The Power of Gun Haver

March 18th, 2010


Uhhhhhh.. what?


That was a tad abrupt. I’m glad that Sakaki powered up to the level of Gun Haver and proceeded to kill at least two whole nameless people and shoot a little girl in the leg before Kaori pulled him off the cliff into a river, which obviously killed them both. Well, she probably couldn’t swim from the assumed gunshot wound, but someone falling off a cliff into water is not exactly the surest way to kill them. This is after the culmination of his grand plan too. "Break into dam, push button." You would expect that if pushing a single button would wipe out a chunk of the city, they would have… I don’t know… installed some security perhaps? The bored tech was more than a match for Sakaki prior to his transformation into Gun Haver. Or maybe just something other than a giant red tow destroying button. And that’s that. Story’s over. QED. Everybody can go home. Oh wait, apparently there’s some cosplay nonsense with Nemuru next week.

Yeah, really. That’s about it. Sure, Stupidhead gave some terrible whiny speech about how it was all his fault for being ‘special’ (as in, "Rides the short bus"), thus making his contribution to the story the surprise revelation that he is, in fact, ignorant. I don’t know about you, but I never saw it coming. It boggles my mind that his only purpose was to state that he had no idea what was going on. The main story literally ended with Stupidhead giving a long voice over and then gaining the courage to call Nemuru more familiarly. Because that’s what the big dangling thread at the end was… Nemuru and Stupidhead’s friendship.



This clearly has potential.

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12 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Tokki says:

    I really like this series.Specailly Sakaki.IDKY but I always end up liking the crazy ones/bad guys.I havent really figured out yet why exactly all of this is happening. Theres got to be a main reason why.

  • MisaoFan says:

    Kiddy Girl And late mailing!?

  • Travis says:

    Friendship? FRIENDSHIP?!


  • Kaisos says:

    I get the feeling that the original game was nothing like this at all.

  • Anonymous says:

    This might have been one of the few series that actually outright states that their protagonist is pointless and just there to fill the role of “male high school boy protagonist”

    Though it gives me a laugh either way.

  • chounokoe says:

    Where do you get the feeling from? LOL
    No, honestly the anime was terrible compared to the VN…
    Sadly they did almost everything wrong that there was to do wrong.
    The only good part about the anime is that Kaname was better developed…

  • Nanaya says:

    Has there ever been a successful adaptation from a vn?

  • Albedo says:

    The lack of yandere violence has left me in despair.

  • Fate says:

    Is it sad that I was hoping that he destroyed the town and then a big FISSION MAILED message appeared above the credits and that this was the last episode? Also his chair spin and crazed look after he let the damn go made me laugh a bit too hard.

  • Azure says:

    I was pretty disappointed by this one. The ending feels rushed, as does pretty much everything concerning Sakaki’s sudden switch from morally ambiguous to bat-turd crazy.

    Probably the only enjoyment I got out of this episode was the manly teacher.

  • spoofle says:

    From hearing about some of the bad ends and just from the general watered-down Kool-Aid feeling I got from the anime, I think that this was probably more of an experiential kind of thing in the VN format. You know, where the story was probably just as “meh”, but the focus/entertainment was really on finding out which choices to pick so that you didn’t get brutally murdered.

    For the rare few who’ve actually played the VN, am I correct?

    (agreeing with the crowd here, but yeah, it’s rare for there to ever be a good visual novel adaptation…even for COMPLETELY LINEAR novels :/.)