Hidden God #09 — Oh No! It’s Made of WOOD

March 4th, 2010


And as we know, wood has at least three times the stopping power of a curtain.


Okay. Let me see if I’ve got this straight. A strange man calls, says that your son’s not going to be coming home tonight, and that’s it? You don’t think anything is strange at all about that? Meanwhile, Nemuru and Stupidhead literally just sit in the house. All day. One of them continually having nightmares about the other trying to eat him. How he manages to sleep at all in that situation is confusing enough. Why they spend an entire day in there doing nothing is also a mystery rivaling the werevampires. Even assuming Nemuru’s super-strength is gone for whatever reason, they’re in a room in a rundown wooden house full of random crap. Oh yeah, and Nemuru has a GIANT KNIFE. And the room has a window. Even if the damn thing has bars, you could… I don’t know, throw crap at passerbys? Maybe TRY to attract attention? Sakaki wasn’t even guarding them. He just left them in a wooden house and wandered off, knowing they were too stupid to try to escape. Sigh.

This has pretty much the same problems as most of the episodes, especially recent ones. There’s the setting, and the mystery, but there’s not really any plot or direction to the story to speak of. Things happen, but not because anybody is actually doing anything. None of the main characters are really trying to stop the murders, cure the wolves, save Isuzu, etc. At least the antagonists are starting to step up their game, even if they’re giant blithering idiots. "I poisoned this guy… meh. He’ll die eventually. I can leave him alone with a phone while I go get some coffee. I can’t see how this could work out against me." DOUBLE SIGH. I was thinking that maybe this was all accordig to plan, and old man whosit was going to suddenly collapse from an acute case of "being shanked in the back," but no. The bad guy was really that stupid. And appears to be dead in next week’s preview too.

I have class in a little bit and then a group meeting for a project right after it, so KG-A’s not going to happen until pretty late tonight. I’m fairly sure the power of friendship and some really really bad pseudo-science will be involved in saving Ascouer’s tail anyway.


Typhoid Mary hits the festival.

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Nanaya says:

    This going to turn into some sort of reverse three pigs, isn’t it. Where they can’t get through straw (ie curtains) or wood, but can dive through brick or metal.

  • Roze says:

    o.O i feel very interesed in this anime XD

  • cutemi2 says:

    Nemuru got berserker mode… where the heck is Kiddy Girl-And episode 21

  • queenie says:

    [“Typhoid Mary hits the festival.”]

    Oddly enough I was thinking the same thing.

    And at least we have Kaname actually doing something more than any of the other characters. I mean, she’s the one whose like “Uh…maybe we should go look for him since a RANDOM GUY CALLED AND SAID HE WAS STAYING AT HIS HOUSE AND YOU HAVEN’T SEEN HIM SINCE. And that counting song? Might be important, so lets look at that.” (And I totally want that pink legal pad she has.)

    And shit. Yuka 2.0 is back. “Hiro-kun~” /facepalm

  • Fate says:

    Even after the explanation given in this episode I still have no idea wtf is going on and I am not sure I really care that much. Yet I keep watching for some reason.