Hidamari Sketch ×☆☆☆ #11 — Luddites

March 18th, 2010


Stretching the limit of the imagination here…


You know, I’m willing to accept quite a bit for a decent joke, but a bunch of 16-17 year old girls who are confused and shocked by web browsers is a rather difficult premise to swallow. Did we travel backwards in time to 1994 somehow? The entire first half of the show felt like a bad comedy bit from a bad sitcom where the punchline was just "Ha ha! Computers!" It boggles my mind that only one of the six of them has a connection to the internet. Forget suspension of disbelief, is this even actually Japan?

The second half was a little better and a little worse. The art ‘exhibition’ bit was okay, but GA did pretty much the same thing more than once and did it far better. I miss you, Prof and Magical Witch Nodamiki. Come back to me… Anyway, I also don’t care two whits about Arisawa, so wasn’t really thrilled to see her show up again, but at least they booted her back out of the show pretty quickly. The chronological time jumping also made Yuno’s sudden drama seem especially silly. I don’t care if it lasted all of 20 seconds. It was 20 seconds of me rolling my eyes at the show.

I’ll try to get to The Adventures of Stupidhead before I have to go to class, but DST has pushed everything back an hour, so I may not make it. KG-A’s right out until this evening.


Yes, they’re stars. Congrats.

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