Hidden God #08 — Dissension in the Ranks

February 25th, 2010


Robble robble robble…


Something about this episode just seemed off to me. The action was rather well done and all, especially for this series, and they’re still finally charging straight ahead with the plot, but Isuzu seems practically forgotten after spending half the show on her. Plus, Stupidhead is still just wandering from exposition point A to exposition point B without ever actually learning anything or remembering what happened shortly before. It always feels like him and the rest of the main narrative is playing catchup with the audience instead of actually driving things along. Plus, Sakaki never really struck me as an overly sane individual, but he went from about crazy level 3 to crazy level 12 in this episode.

In any case, the major developments this week were that Nemuru is losing her grip on her death squad, and Kaori gets roped into an active role in the upcoming power struggle. Sakaki also pretty much loses his mind and decides that an object lesson on how the wolf things aren’t human is the best way to show this off to Stupidhead. How or why he needs more proof after almost being eaten about three times as well as watching the death squad tear one of them apart is beyond me, but Stupidhead’s recollection ability would not be one of his strengths.


"Oh no, we’re in a wooden house and I’m only super strong and fast! How will I escape?"

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • rozen123 says:

    Preview pic 2:

    NemuruXidiot? wow…

  • Albedo says:

    I have to say… I was expecting Nemuru to end up falling for the moron but not quite so suddenly… and so unexplained…

    It must be his accidental pimp abilities.

  • aya natsume says:

    i guess even nemuru is not immune to hiroshi…

    hope its just to convince then confuse sakaki that she’ll pretend she’s like the others…

    well, have to wait for next week…

  • Solaris says:

    Hey where’s mah Isuzu!?! Oh well next week preview looks interesting without Isuzu too. ALSO more interesting without her, i’d say!

    PS: Do stupidhead’s father and sister belong to some role in the plot or not in your opinion?

  • chounokoe says:

    For the first time I really agree with the review…
    Yeah it kinda shows that they just tacked the arcs together without paying much attention to coherent character development…

    [“Oh no, we’re in a wooden house and I’m only super strong and fast! How will I escape?”]
    And this is why I will always critizise them for making it seem like the Kamibito have superpowers…they could have at least shown that the scythe is almost too heavy for Nemuru to raise it…

  • queenie says:

    Stupidhead just walked into that trap. Good job. And the fact that you trust this random ass stranger (who’s a good 10 years older than you that you met totally at random) had NO part in your being trapped in the Wooden House of DOOM.

    I’m just happy that Isuzu isn’t in the plot anymore. She was turning into Yuka by this point (and we all know how that ended).

    Come on though, we have to admit it: Nemuru kicks some serious ass.