Hidden God #07 — Curtains: The Ultimate Defense

February 18th, 2010


"She can’t hurt me now, I closed the curtains!"


This felt like a very very awkward episode to me. A lot of the time was spent bringing Stupidhead and Kaname up to speed with what has been obvious to the audience for weeks upon weeks, so it wasn’t particularly interesting except to fill in some rather triflin details. Yes yes, they’re monsters, and the black ops hate love, got it. In another four episode, maybe Stupidhead will learn that the oranges are important. The plot is sill actually moving again though, finally, so at least it’s not stuck in an eddy again. Stupidhead still makes an absolutely worthless lead. This episode made it painfully obvious that he never actually does anything. He just wanders from point to point to listen to other people talk to him. Perhaps he’s a refugee from a bad RPG. Hell, he sees a girl who hates him… and who he knows chases and tries to kill people… standing outside his window at night, staring at him. His response? Close the curtains. Yes. Curtains. They keep suspected psychopaths out.

In any case, Kaname’s getting a little too close to the truth (apparently the black ops never considered that people would try to look up the most famous legend of their city in a library) so she gets tossed in a cell next to Pedoboy’s girlfriend. That was also amusing for all the wrong reasons. There’s a wood door separating them. I know that they’re anime women and all, so they’re weak and totally helpless, but come on. It’s a wood door. Shouldn’t you at least try to knock it down and see whether or not there’s a way to escape on the other side? I know you totally trust each other since you met all of 15 seconds ago and all, but come on here. Next episode’s fight already looks pretty slick though, so there’s that at least.


Nemuru vs Not-The-Protagonist.

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8 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • MisaoFan says:

    Oh no! There was a one kidnapping scene of this series !!

  • Bakodo says:

    You know, it would be entertaining if the curtains actually did work.

    “Hssssss!! A curtain! Run away!!!”

    But considering this show, that has a one in billion chance of actually happening.

  • kyon says:

    i am so happy because ookami kakushi was more interesting in these last 2 episodes and i hope it will continue like this

  • queenie says:

    At least it’s better with Kaname and Nemuru and non-Stupidhead people. And thank those Jouga wolves that we got saved from Isuzu this episode.

    There better be a really cool twist next episode, though I should just bet money on Stupidhead finding out that he can actually TALK to Nemuru instead of putting up the curtain defense (did anyone else think “HA HA. YOU CANT SEE ME NOW” when he did that?).

  • sage says:

    At least we got lots of Kaname.

  • Anonymous says:

    Haha they made puns about wolves and Gods in this episode. Since, you know, they kinda use the same word.

  • Roze says:

    Like what kyon say mostly this kind of anime last 2 episode will more intereseting XD

  • MisaoFan says:

    Who will rescue Nemuru in the next episode ?