Hidden God #06 — Back to The Past

February 11th, 2010


Oh, it’s that scene from episode 1.


Now we’re getting somewhere, although admittedly, it wasn’t that thrilling to see the opening segment of the show once again, plus the overwrought reveal that Nemuru is the scythe girl not three minutes after they showed her dressing up as it. GASP! DRAMATIC MUSIC! Isuzu’s argument that it was just love would be a lot more convincing if she hadn’t just sank her claws into his arms hard enough to draw blood (magic blood too, since it wasn’t in any other shots, or just really badly colored shading), wasn’t ranting crazily, and her eyes weren’t glowing blood red. Also, the knives hidden in her sleeves may not have helped her argument that this is all just about sex. I also want to know why Isuzu is apparently more capable than the half dozen grown men and women that Nemuru has already taken down. She not only goes toe to toe with Nemuru for a few moments, but manages to grab Stupidhead and escape.

Regardless, this was a pretty badly needed episode that finally got things rolling again in the second half. We finally hit the first episode’s hook, Stupidhead all but rejected Isuzu after she tried to eat him, and Isuzu tried to take herself out. Stupidhead was being a bit overly stupid there though. I mean, come dude, she just tried to kill herself because you rejected her. Whatever they’ve whisked her off for is almost certainly an improvement. Compared to all that, the reveal that there’s some other illness in the town ravaging Kaori almost seems trivial in comparison. In all likelihood, I assume that the two are probably the same, or related (symptom of being attacked by one of the werevampires or the like). It looks like they may get around to explaining what’s so special about Stupidhead that makes him irrestible to werevampires next week too, but… hey, plot movement. Finally.


Government conspiracy time.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Albedo says:

    I sees me a yandere :)

    and this one is heterosexual! YAY!!

  • skurai says:

    StupidHead will die a dam virgin, not that he doesn’t deserve it, I really sometimes wonder if he is even gay, or hot for his Blind-Wheelchair Bound sister, I have so much faith in him that even that I believe he is capable off.

  • nikolai131 says:

    Not bad, not bad … Some more creepy stuff is always welcomed xD

  • queenie says:

    If only Isuzu could have been like this from the start…maybe pedo-bro would have stayed longer to fill up the new and improved “rape the shota” meter. XD

    And I still like Nemuru most out of all the characters (save for stupidhead’s daddy). At least she’s SOMEWHAT sane.