Hidden God #03 — The Power of Oranges

January 21st, 2010


Great. The world relies on citrus again.


Sigh. The only interesting part of this week’s episode was already given away in last week’s preview, and all signs are pointing towards the oranges (or their scent at least) being the thing that holds the vampire wolves in check. Let’s see. A disease that makes people kill unless they constantly smell something. Where have I seen this from R07 before? I can’t wait for Hiro to accidentally burn down the entire orchard or something. Or for the power of an orange to be what saves him. They still have yet to explain what makes Hiro special compared to the rest of his family or even Kaname, but I have no doubt that it’s something unsettling, like the scent of an immature boy. Lord knows his testicles haven’t dropped yet, even despite Isuzu’s giant screen covering ass being thrown his way.

I still haven’t decided between this and KG-A yet (and at this point, I’m almost tempted to do both), and the normal stream for KG-A is horribly horribly broken right now, so I won’t be able to get to it for awhile because of class and whatnot. Just FYI.


Next time on Boku no Sexual Harrassment…

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10 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Serpit says:

    The whole thing has been pretty disappointing so far. The preview doesn’t really seem any better – More Hiro being molested, more scythe girl jumping around killing people at night, more dark-haired guy staring at the village angrily.

  • wilson191 says:

    Gay harassment….ewwww

  • Nanaya says:

    They really need to up the pace here. Suspence and buildup are one thing, but this isn’t the first season of Heroes. We need plot movement.

  • Gil says:

    You can drop this now.

  • Bah says:

    This show is a guilty pleasure for me now.

  • Travis says:

    Hey! This episode has fly-fishing!


  • Azure says:

    The bizarre camera angles had me going “WTF”, the gay-shota harassment had me going “EW”…

    …But if there’s one thing I can say that I absolutely love about the writing in this show, it’s the dynamic between Hiro and Mana. They act like real siblings instead of the idealized “oniichaaaaan~” or annoying “GRR WE HATE EACH OTHER” sitcom types. There’s a nice balance between the sibling love and exasperation.

  • thomassmash says:

    I though taht too, in animes they always take the typos so the “hate each other” is so common, finally something normal.

    They could just delete the harrasment but I think they are going by the mainstream of some yaoi in the third episode (I think that atracts girls to this show but I don’t think someone would watch this horror show just for the yaoi XD) O.O

  • thomassmash says:

    And I hate thos camera angles, why are they crazy about loli type O.o?
    Thanks God it’s nowhere near Vampires Bund (think of it…êwww)

  • Fate says:

    I love how the villain is a homosexual. We need an idea for a villain… How about gays? SOLID!