Kämpfer #03 — When Lesbiäns Ättäck

October 15th, 2009


Oh, the terror.


This episode went in a strange direction. No wonder male Natsuru has some issues… apparently there’s nothing in his school except sex-crazed lesbians. The whole episode was pretty much just him being mobbed, tied up, exploited, investigated, and groped. And then next week, he goes bra shopping with Akane apparently. He needs one too. I am more than a little curious why he’s the only one that is forced into his Kampfer form by being around other Kampfers though. You’d think that he would at least force Shizuku to transform as well, not to mention any of the other Kampfers in hiding. I suspect that the answer is "A wizard witch did it."

It was a decent enough episode I guess, although I’m not sure how much of that was the slow growing sense of horror that the entire episode was going to be Natsuru being molested in various ways. It’s like a disaster that you can’t look away from. The part where Sakura put her foot down (so that she could have him for herself) was also strangely well animated. Or maybe just overanimated. Apparently they had some extra cash budgetted for the episode and couldn’t really figure out where to put it. I generally prefer such things to come out in the form of fireballs or melee weaponry, not as extra breezy wind.

Brief Summary:

Natsuru’s first day as a ‘transfer’ student, and he’s the star of the class. Every girl immediately falls in love with him and he’s mobbed until Sakura drags him out of the class room and begs him to go out with her. His transformation starts wearing off though, so he flees to the rooftop where Akane berates him. Later, he’s interviewed by a girl named Masumi before being sent back to the others to be exploited. He eventually flees, but is caught by the gymnastics club who proceed to tie him up and molest him.

After school, Akane comes by with cake and practically invites herself in. Sloppy eater that she is, Natsuru notices some cake on her cheek and she assumes that he was about to kiss her. When said kiss doesn’t come, she gets huffy and leaves. The next day, Natsuru’s about to be pressed into service again when Sakura admonishes the others for treating him like a toy. She drags him off for her own hot date until they’re interrupted by Shizuku who drops all sorts of clues that Natsuru and Natsuru are… TOGETHER. Or something. Sakura runs off and Natsuru is mobbed again. He extricates himself and flees to the library where his transformation runs out. Akane’s still huffy and gets in his face until she accidentally knocks him over and lands on top of him. Sakura interrupts their moment by letting Natsuru know that she won’t lose to him over… uh… Natsuru.



Natsuru vs underwear.

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9 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Chen says:

    You know you’re fabulous when two sides of a love triangle consist of yourself.

  • Gin says:

    “A witch did it”, eh? Beato does have that twisted sense of humour.

  • Yue says:

    Uhmmm… I don’t know what to say about this guy’s predicament and how he behaves in a manner much closer to being feminine despite he is a “straight” male. lol

  • Nanaya says:

    The boys and girls are almost completely seperated from each other from what I remember, and you know about those all-girls school series…

    And its hilarious that he’s two corners of a love triangle.

  • Anonymous says:

    I hope the next episode has some more fighting. This episode seems like it had nothing of the sort!

  • Andy Janes says:

    ‘You know you’re fabulous when two sides of a love triangle consist of yourself.’

    LOL, best response ever!

    Loved this episode (mainly because hardly any boy Natsuru), so much yuri and brokeness

  • passer-by says:

    Meh. Bra-shopping was supposed to be before Sakura asked him out on a date. And the second time Sakura sees him in his Kampfer form as a matter of fact. And seeing the last preview pic, I wonder if we’re going to get that extra bit in the manga where the bra he bought was a few sizes too small and kept bursting open :3

  • Albedo says:

    well… I’m pretty sure that the excuse is that natsuru is the only one who can’t control his transformation because he’s a noob at being a gender flipping superhero. Every one else has had enough experience to know how to control their changes. supposedly…

    Also isn’t it at least a love square at this point? If you’re including both versions of natsuru that is…

  • micchan says:

    So it’s Strawberry Panic all over again? Dear God. Sukisho was bad enough, but then it caught on and crossed over to the other side. What is IT with japanese people and crazy gay people? How excatly is it fun watching a one-sex relationship IF THE OTHER SEX DOES NOT EXIST? That’s just like watching kindergarten interaction. This fangirl is disappointed. Even SP had more angst (dead ex’s are always good).

    Also Natsuru is a pussy and has sand in his vagina. I still kinda like him though, if only because he’s the only mildly sane character in the entire “cast” (read: interchangeable cardboard cutout lesbians).