Kämpfer #02 — Vägina Enforcement

October 8th, 2009


I bet that’s some kind of strange fetish.


Hopefully I’ll be able to stop saying this soon, but another episode that was much weaker than the premier. It certainly wasn’t helped by showing the cliffhanger from last week, and then immediately retconning the gunshot into Natsuru pushing the gun out of the way. I could also not possibly care less about stupid Sakura or her entire side of things. At least Nomad’s still putting out the nice jazz to listen to during those portions, but good lord did they drag on and on for most of the episode, devoid of humor or merit. You’ve got a decent enough premise already, and you’re ruining it by including a character that has bloody nothing to do with the plot.

Thankfully, once Shizuku showed up towards the end, things got a bit more engaging, and Natsuru managed to regain some of his manly quotient at the end by laying the verbal smack down on Akane. I was all for putting a bullet through Shizuku’s forehead, but at least when he made his decision, he confidently stuck to it and in no uncertain terms told Akane to shove it when she started complaining. On the other hand, it does make all the waffling and nonsense with Sakura all the more difficult to bear. A lot of the Shizuku stuff was more than a little silly too, considering how the OP has already told us that she’s A.) a kampfer and B.) a good guy.

Natsuru pulls grabs Akane’s arm at the last second and the bullet misses Sakura, who faints. The two are attacked again by the chains shortly thereafter, proving it wasn’t Sakura. The bell rings, and no more attacks come, so Akane leaves Natsuru to take care of Sakura. He starts getting paranoid about who the other kampfer could have been… and has dirty thoughts about Sakura’s chest on his back.

At home, the tiger explains a little more about himself an the whole kampfer thing to Natsuru. Mostly about the moderators who are the ones in charge of it.

Back at school, the student council pres summons Akane and Natsuru for a lecture. After a stern talking to, Sakura tells Natsuru that she can’t find that girl, and Natsuru promises that she’ll meet her tomorrow. He asks Akane to come to his house, and she immediately loses herself in sex daydreams.

At Natsuru’s, Akane’s still fantasizing when she trips and falls on his bed. Boy Wonder, however, just has Sakura on his mind and how to deal with her. The stuffed animals pop up with various harebrained plans, but it all boils down to needing Akane around so that Natsuru can transform into his female form.

The next day, Akane wishes Natsuru luck before transforming and forcing him into his kampfer form as well. Natsuru goes to meet Sakura and accidentally tells her that his name is Natusuru too.

Luckily, Sakura’s a moron and just shakes it off. They move the date up to a rooftop while Akane gets increasingly annoyed at having to follow along. Sakura confesses her feelings and asks Natsuru out. He panicks and then runs off to Akane, who offers to solve the problem with a bullet.

Natsuru staggers back to the roof, but Sakura’s gone and Shizuku’s waiting for him. She reveals herself as a red kampfer and is underimpressed with the other twi thus far. Her spikey cat (probably has rabies) taunts Akane a little bit before she attacks.

Akane and Natsuru retreat inside the building, but Natsuku chases after them. Akane tells Natsuru to attack while she occupies Shizuku, but Natsuru has no idea how to actually shoot fireballs. Akane offers to solve that problem with a bullet as well, but Natsuku interrupts them. She easily swats Akane’s bullets out of the air and attacks.

Akane’s quickly forced back and is almost finished when Natsuru finally manages to shoot a fireball, but Shizuku just cuts it in half. Natsuru looks around and thinks of a plan. He tells Akane to attack again and he’ll create an opening. He tells her that he has to trust her. She agrees to it and rushes to the attack. She’s once again quickly forced backwards by Shizuku’s superior abilities.

Natsuru aims his fireballs at the ceiling and sets off the firealarms. The sudden blaring and water distracts Shizuku enough to let Akane tackle her. Akane puts her gun against Shizuku’s forehead and fires, but Natsuru used her ability to deflect the attack. Natsuru tells Akane that it’s over, and so long as Shizuku releases Sakura, they’ll let her live. Akane protests, but Natsuru brusquely tells her to shut up. Shizuku makes the promise and they let her up. She calmly tells them that she’ll keep her promise and leaves.

After she’s gone, Natsuru wonders aloud if being a kampfer is such an important thing. Akane’s still a little annoyed, but smiles and compliments him on the fire alarm idea.

The next day, Akane and Natsuru are brought before Shizuku again. Natsuru’s alternate kampfer form is too different from the norm and liable to cause problems, so she makes the decree that he’ll be using his female form for school to nip that in the bud. She transforms, and he’s forced to as well.



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  • lelangir says:

    so basically, pr0z0nz0r5

  • Di Gi Kazune says:

    Akane should have a selection of weapons from 1-7. Most people don’t use #2, and prefer #3 (shotgun/dbshotgun). I prefer #5 (rocket launcher). At point blank. :D

  • Mentar says:

    They’ve been rushing through the novel/mangas at an insane pace – we already reached the second chapter of volume 3 of the manga, in episode 2. Unfortunately, that killed alot of sensible development (like Sakura falling for Natsuru/female gradually and over time).

    Obviously they want to go VERY far in the novels, so they’re hurrying things along quite a lot. Well, let’s see where we will get – because most of the really interesting stuff happens in the LATE novels.

  • Celestial says:

    Nana Mizuki plushie!

    I’d hit it!!1


    I lold!!!