Go! AsakaraTV Art Design Class #03 — Tag!

July 20th, 2009


You’re it.


I found this episode extremely dull and easily the worst of the first three. The tag bits at the start and end were cute, as was the weird color mixing/BARRIER SHIELD, but the entire divergence into the sister club completely zonked me out. I have no idea who these people are. I do not care about these people. None of them do anything interesting. Let’s leave them and go back to see what art supply Noda was caught eating these week. I didn’t find Noda’s little delusion into the world of cutout stuff particularly amusing either until Tomokane showed up with an off the shelf mecha.

Namiko’s successful tag ploy and Masa Miyabi’s removal of the tag ‘element’ and burial in the chicken patch were probably the highlights of the episode for me. Like I said, it started and ended well, but I feel like I slept through most of the middle ten minutes.



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    Hair dumplings… it’s a crime.