Casshern SINS #23 — What’s the Scouter Say About A Conclusion?

March 8th, 2009


It’s reading 0.0, Vegeta.


Going from ZKC, Spidey, Minami-ke, Spidey again for good measure, and then to Casshern is like sandpaper on my soul. The Dio fight was better than a lot of things in the second half of this, but it still didn’t hold a candle to their original fight. At least they didn’t throw in stills, but having the two of them rush at each other, then cutting away to a closeup of Casshern’s stomach so that we can watch Dio’s fist fly past it gets old fast. Very fast. There were a few moments of real movement, but after Dio went Super Saiyajin and exploded his helmet, I clocked out. I don’t even know what to begin thinking about the little Braiking/Luna teamup in the last 15 seconds of the episode either. I feel that if I try to make sense of it, I’ll have an aneurysm.

However, the worst part about this episode wasn’t the half-assed Dio vs Casshern finale, but how absolutely nothing really important happened. Dio fought Casshern and lost… then died (or passed out after an arm fell apart), and Leda turned into a monster thing and got herself stabbed by Luna before curling up next to Dio. Then Casshern just up and left after proselytizing Luna a bit. "Your way of life is wrong and you are a terrible person… Okay, that’s all. I’m leaving now. Ciao." Is this really how they’re going to end the series? "And Casshern’s journey for answers continues…" With one episode left, and really no explaination for really any of the umpteen thousand questions this series has asked in sight, that’s certainly how things are looking.

Also, important note… Casshern’s headhorn is apparently vestigial, so doesn’t heal like the rest of him. It makes me wonder about his hip mounted rockets.


I don’t even care anymore.

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9 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Yue says:

    Don’t worry Casshern fans, there’s a second season. Woots. ^_^

  • antimateria says:

    Leda/Dio romance end was rather… unexpected. For me at least, I was sure there will be an obvious revelation about Leda’s real yandere purposes and angsty Dio but instead I ended up crying throughout the whole episode. I don’t really see what the last episode will be about since Casshern and Luna already made their terms clear and had their obligatory deep discussion but of course Lyuze must have her emotional moment too. And something about Braiking Boss and the plot.

  • TJ says:

    Worry not, Ringo will save the day!

  • Anonymous says:

    Actually Nappa was the one who asked Vegeta about what it said on the scouter, no the other way around.

  • Aroduc says:

    I so do not care about Dragonball semantics. ^^

  • shio (Sane Mode) says:

    More importantly, Luna’s life still hangs in the balance. I believe our poor heartstrings will be plucked next episode.

  • Hum says:

    Nice episode. ringo has been on the verge of getting killed like 4 times already. I guess since casshern or lyuze couldn’t save her, she had to unleash her unstoppable cute powers?? I don’t get why ringo is referenced to luna again, first in casshern and now leda?

  • Megris Vernin says:

    Whats with Lida’s strange arm/ leg growths? Why did Luna’s blood do that to her…rather than heal her…Also did her eye grow back? Or does she have a horn growing there too

  • mrbuu82 says:

    @Megris Vernin:

    I figured her disfigurement was some kind of side effect of the blood. She could not deal with the influx the way Casshern did, so it screwed her up mentally and physically. She could very well be immortal, but the only obvious change were those growths, as you mentioned.

    I liked how this episode essentially proved the series’ premise correct. Not only did Casshern kill Luna, but her death caused the ruin. Casshern’s sin lives on as he does. Forever and ever and ever and ever….

    As a random guess on the last episode, I think Braiking Boss will become Break King and end the ruin by incorporating Luna into himself. What such a thing would do for the rest of the world at this point is anyone’s guess.