Absolutely Lovely Children #51 — And That’s Why We Won’t Lose!

March 29th, 2009


Now what’ll I do with my Sunday mornings?


No ending expected, and none really achieved, aside from leaving things open for a post-graduation second season. While it certainly would have been great to see the future esper war, this has always really been more presented like a western show, with that kind of stuff just being some distant inevitable threat as the show keeps trucking along at its own pace. Sort of like the Planeteers’ battle against Global Warming Bot. I don’t know… I’m not feeling particularly creative at the moment.

Very little to actually talk about in regards to this episode. The first half was pretty much minor business as usual while the second was essentially one giant montage of a few years later. PANDRA’s antics (and fanservice) probably took the cake there. Both the Mary Patty and Muscle moments were great, and Kyosuke sipping tea while the compound behind him explodes in chaos was a perfect way to leave the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. I’m not going to try to read anything into Yuri showing up at the end since she can mindwipe them into believing whatever she wants anyway.

Final thoughts at the bottom.

Brief Summary:

PANDRA attacks a ship to free all the espers held hostage there.

Everybody’s summer vacation is interrupted by a level 5 teleporter that needs to be caught, but after Kaoru pins him to a wall, he threatens to kill himself. Minamoto talks him down and and everybody (except that guy) goes home happy.

Skip to graduation in the future. Nobody can hold back tears and Fujiko makes sure to get a shot of Minamoto bawling for the girls. Montage of everybody’s current lives. Naomi’s still being stalked by Tanizaki, Sakaki invokes Oboro’s wrath, no luck at group dating for Double Face, the Hound’s the same as always, Bullet and Tim are doing well, the Comericans watch Caroline’s space mission, PANDRA lounges while Mary Patty fantasizes yaoi couplings, Muscle laments going out into the world to be a normal human, Kyosuke sips tea, and Fujiko lurks on BABEL’s roof.

After the credits, Chisato and Tohno run into a former classmate, Yuri. After they leave, she smiles and says that she’s waiting for Kaoru.


Final Thoughts:

I actually have very little to say that I feel like I haven’t said a billion times over. SynergySP maintained relatively high production throughout this, the characters were fun, the music was great, and there was always Gonzo lurking in the wings to do strange things. There were a couple segments where the show really began to drag and lose its way, but for a 51 episode show, it never really felt like things ever stopped progressing. The ginormous cast probably had a lot to do with that, as new characters have been introduced at the rate of about 2 a month, and very few of them were one and done.

The biggest praise that I can give to this show, however, is that it never forgot what it was; a cartoon. There were no attempts at unwieldy angst and it always remembered that things like Hard Gay, talking squirrels, and a grown men shepherding around three lovestruck little engines of mass destruction were silly jokes. Even after the most serious moments, there was always time for a hug, happy smiles and then a "Minamoto is a lolicon" joke. It’s tried, it’s true, it’s the inevitable banana cream pie in the face of the series.

So long as you’re not looking for a strong overall plot, or a particularly short show, ZKC is great to just sit back and enjoy. You’ll never yell at the characters for being overly stupid or drama queens, and while the plot may not really go anywhere, the show is constantly evolving and changing. It’s hard to even remember what BABEL was like before Fujiko showed up, let alone the Normal People, PANDRA, and Black Phantom. This has really been a joy to watch every week for the past year. It may really just be an X-Men knockoff, but it’s one hell of a damn fine one and the perfect thing to kick off a lazy Sunday morning enjoyably.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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18 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Rawr says:

    It’s been a fun ride. IMO, the show was very enjoyable, albeit repetitive and redundant at times. It’s strong cast, imo, was probably one of the main reasons that made this show an enjoyable watch over all. That, and the setting just allowed for a lot of insane offbeat humor.

    I’m going to miss it :( But if they do another season, I hope that they have enough source material to go off of, or at the very least, keep up the quality of the production.

  • Nemo_N says:

    Preach it! Seriously, can’t praise enough ZKC’s commitment to be simply fun.

    And joining you in the “what to do sunday mornings” question. This was my “anchor show”; when other shows’ episodes sucked, I usually went “well, I’ll watch ZKC next, so no problem”. Now what?

    By my calculations, it’ll take two full years to get enough manga for another 50-ish episodes season and one year for a 26-ish season. Let’s hope we eventually get one.

    And thanks for sticking to it the full year Aroduc; this show would have fallen (even further) into obscurity without the exposure here.

  • DmonHiro says:

    I love this anime, and it has been a real pleasure to translate it for the past 26 episodes. Thank you Synergy for the Mio fanservice, it was a great way to start the day. All that’s left is to do v2s for episodes 15-26, and that will be that. I’m going to miss you Zettai Karen Children. I hope I’ll se a second season some day.

  • Sniperk says:

    I remember when I started to watch this show. I was looking for something with superpowers, but not something out of a shakespeare book.
    I finded ZKC and watched the first episode. Then the second. Before I knew it, I had maratoned the entire 2x episodes that were released at the time, and wasn’t satisfied. It was simply that good. The rewatch value of this is amazing.

  • DmonHiro says:

    I’m STILL rewatching episodes of this. it is so good.

  • Peanutbutter003 says:

    “Mary”? Shouldn’t it be “Patty”?

    And “former”? I thought she was their new classmate?

    I followed this series because of nothing else but one reason, Aya Hirano. That time, I was lapping up whatever shows she was in. There were Nijuumensou, and there was this. However, I am pleasantly surprised by what else attracted me.

    Liked the art, the animation, the vibrant colours, the slapstick and jokes thrown around, the voice cast and there’s even a decent story to boot. I still find it a shame very few people are talking about this. This is the only site that is reviewing the series on a regular basis.

    Good job for keeping up with it till now. It’s gonna be some time before a second season starts.

    Anyone knows where I can get the “Level 7” song CD?

    I forgot to add the comments on the final episode. Thumbs up for Mio fanservice (looks slightly more endowed than other Kugimiya characters), normal Muscle and the new uniform of The Children.

  • Lollerman says:

    I don’t know. Based on the manga, it seems like they should have had plenty of wiggle room to produce a second season right of the bat, since the manga is up to 16 volumes, and they only covered the first 11 or so ish, up to about chapter 98. The manga is up to chapter 170 at this point, so if they really wanted to make a second season, they could have gotten the go ahead right away. The fact that there was no announcement at the end of this season the way Hayate no Gotoku did at the end of it’s run really makes me feel like this is the end of the line.

    It’s a pity, I actually like the anime version more than the manga. Minamoto in the manga is a total douche.

    Ah well, we can always hope that in the future, SynergySP might be interested in a second season.

  • Aroduc says:

    Mary, Patty, whoever. ^^;

  • Yue says:

    same here ^_^

  • Peanutbutter003 says:

    Ain’t the “Over The Future” arc a volume 15 story? So right now, there’s only one manga volume not animated yet, which obviously is not enough for a second season.

  • pat says:

    Zettai Karen Children was a good anime. It’s not exactly with a strong plot, but as you say it’s a slapstick cartoon that will still be enjoyable no matter how many times you re-watch it. The only thing that sucked would probably be the fact that they end as the children grown as teenager, cuz i sure as hell would love to watch their next adventure in their teens.

    Here’s to Takashi Shiina for creating the series.

    And here’s to SynergySP for the anime version of the series.

  • ItAintEazy says:

    Just got the batch for the season, finally got the joke at the end of the first episode when Kaoru hit Muscle in his junk with a giant metallicized shougi piece with kanji for “gold” written on it. “Gold against golden balls (kintama)” he should have been saying, except it was a children’s show.


  • Furuba says:

    Man im gonna miss this series so much xD it’s so fun and unique and it’s just… awwww!!! i love all the characters, they’re so great in their own way and ahhh i’ll just miss hearing them all until a next season. definitely don’t regret picking this series up :] and yay they’re growing their hair lol xD

  • Marinelife37 says:

    I loved this series and hope for a continuation of it. Thanks for the summaries they were wonderful. My only regret about the series besides the essential cliff hanger is that it didn’t mention the Minamoto is also a level 7 esper. Then again it is only mentioned once in the manga and never truly touched on.

  • lightl says:

    @ Marinelife37
    That was only mentioned in the pilot chapter of the manga, and the author said there was no connection between pilot and the manga it self, someone correct me if I am wrong.

  • Lollerman says:

    You’re right. In the normal manga, Minamoto is just a normal person, though he does attract a whole bunch of level 7s for some reason, so maybe he’s an esper by association? After all, all that power has to eventually rub off on him.

  • Solaris says:

    It was a very enjoyable anime, but i really hate unfinished anime like this one.
    They never resolved any major conflict, neither war with the normal people, black phantom nor pandra. But i can bear with that. If the conflicts continued we would hope for new adventures to come.
    What’s less forgivable is leaving the main theme of the anime undone: the dolphin precog’s vision and the future change theme.
    I hope the next season, if they’ll ever make it, will make up for those huge plot holes.

  • Solaris says:

    I read the manga and i must take back some of the issues i stated before. My bad.

    All the unfinished stuff i said are yet to be drawn in the manga as well. There was any plot hole but lack of material to begin with!!
    Furthermore the anime follows the manga almost perfectly, and it also succeded in toning down the most gruesome episodes of the manga while keeping it fun and enjoyable to watch to.

    That said the anime couldn’t be made better than this, and it’s really a pity the main episodes of the story haven’t yet been created, but as long the manga continues, it’s only a matter of time. Let’s wait peacefully :)

    Thank you Aroduc for blogging this, and to Chihiro for subbing it.