Absolutely Lovely Children #50 — I Don’t Wanna Grow Up

March 22nd, 2009


I’m a Toys R Us kid.


Well, that was a little underwhelming. The whole big conflict was just Minamoto thinking that he had a good life as a kid, and getting a little pissy at the others for wanting him to give it up. Then a little "believe in us" and that was the end of that. Yuri was also disappointing as all get out. I was a little interested when she started half-disobeying her father because of her interest in Kaoru, but then a half-dead Naomi zapped her and that was the end of that. She doesn’t even seem particularly evil… aside from the whole megalomaniacal father having her implant suicidal kill switches and brain wash other espers thing.

Minamoto and Kyosuke’s exchange on the roof was a little interesting, but it was really nothing we haven’t seen or heard before. Both knows that they can change the future, but they’re not willing to go the extremes necessary. The first half of the episode was still relatively amusing regardless, but it was really just a continuation of PANDRA screwing around at school from last week. Muscle’s always great for a laugh, and Tohno somehow managed to win both Mio and Minamoto. Poor Chisato.

Sorry if the summary’s a little off. I was eating a (very) late dinner as I watched so didn’t take notes like I usual do. Writing from memory sucks.

Sakaki and Fujiko start a psychic dive into Tanizaki.

At school, Mio and Kaoru keep squabbling. Chisato forgot her book, so Tohno, ever the good boyfriend, loans her his and goes to share with Mio. Muscle starts class and Minamoto is stuck with Kaoru, inciting the wrath of the others. Kyosuke lurks.

Inside Tanizaki, Sakaki and Fujiko are attacked by Black Phantom.

PANDRA keeps watch over the school, but Yuri’s sitting tight. The class plays dodgeball, but Kaoru turns the ball over to MInamoto because she’s smitten. He tries to throw the ball at Tohno, but Mio steps in and kicks it right back into Minamoto’s face. Chisato tries to take him to the nurse, but Kaoru interferes and all three start arguing, letting Tohno lead MInamoto away.

The rest of the morning passes as a montage.

At lunch, the girls fawn over Minamoto while Chisato fawns over Tohno. All the other boys in the class fume. Momo suddenly activates and Minamoto is sucked into a vision. His adult version tells him that this isn’t real. This isn’t his class. This isn’t where he belongs. Kyosuke appears in the vision as well, reminding him that this is what he wanted. Minamoto turns back to his adult self to yell at him, but it smiles and says that he knows Minamoto will do what’s right.

Back in reality, Shiho checks up on Minamoto and reassures him that they’ll have him back to normal. He drops his tray and yells at them for not thinking about what he wants.

Minamoto runs to the roof, where Kyosuke is waiting for him.

Inside the psychic dive, Fujiko scans the hands while Sakaki fights them off.

At BABEL, Doubleface has a sparrow that Akira is possessing. He reports to them that the Hound is down and the Children are in danger.

At school, Kaoru is grabbed and pulled into a dark classroom.

Yuri attacks her and looks inside her mind at the things that Kaoru has forgotten. They both see the future, and Yuri wonders aloud about Kaoru.

Shiho and Aoi can’t find Minamoto or Kaoru so run back to the class to find Mio, but the other students have no idea who that is. They realize that PANDRA has withdrawn.

On the roof, Kyosuke tells Minamoto that he loves the Children, especially Kaoru, and gets called a pervert in response. BABEL’s forces arrive below, but PANDRA is waiting to ambush them.

Kyosuke tells Minamoto that he’s seen the future and knows the past and knows that he and Kaoru’s destines are entwined. Minamoto starts to protest, but Kyosuke grabs him and tells him that he’s an obstacle.

Yuri keeps wondering what’s special about the Queen of espers. Her father chastises her and she goes back to concentrating. A badly injured Naomi zaps Yuri by surprise and forces her to teleport away. Naomi begs Kaoru to save the others as she turns to stone.

Kyosuke releases Minamoto, knowing that he’ll take this chance and remain a happy child.

The Children make it to the roof.

PANDRA’s forces have all withdrawn by Kyosuke’s orders. It’s too dangerous for them to stay because Kyosuke’s going to get serious.

Minamoto argues with the Children again. Don’t they like being friends? He won’t be able to be with the like this if they grow up. The girls know that they’ll always be with him. Kaoru repeats what her beliefs from the dream, and then wonders where that thought came from. Minamoto smiles and starts to relent.

Below, Yuri’s hurt and lashes out at Minamoto.

Kaoru continues, asking him to believe in them. Minamoto accepts that and happily uses the Triple Boost. Immediately, the light from their wings flood the area. The attacks in Tanizaki finish and he wakes up, and all the downed members of BABEL recovery. Yuri remarks that the light is beautiful. Minamoto starts to fall, but is caught by an angelic Kaoru and returns to normal.

They return to the roof, but Kyosuke’s not finished yet. He will take care of Minamoto once and for all. Minamoto steps up and pulls out the Esper Killer, offering it to Kyosuke. They both know that they could completely stop that future whenever they wanted, but their convictions and their belief prevents them from crossing that line. Minamoto and the girls leave.

PANDRA pops over and yells at Kyosuke for worrying them. Kyosuke admits that this was his complete loss as they fly off.

BABEL’s forces recover. Naomi tearfully glomps Tanizaki, but he’s so suspicious that he runs off in tears to find his real Naomi.

Minamoto teases the girls a little bit as they walk home together.


Epilogue, graduation, and impending statuatory rape trial.

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  • sage says:

    and impending statuatory rape trial.

    But it would be oh so worth it. I’d have no regrets.

  • Peanutbutter003 says:

    Nice new uniform. I thought I won’t see it.

  • Nemo_N says:

    Kanou-sensei was hot. Needed more Mio.

    “Impending statuatory rape trial”? The girls ain’t that lucky.

  • Yue says:

    Same here. On the other note, i’ll wait until this series get bundled.

  • Sterling01 says:

    Aren’t they supposed to be 12 in that last pic…?

  • Rawr says:

    They look to be middle schoolers. So probably second year of middle school, or something. I’d assume 13.

  • Furuba says:

    will there be a season 2? :( like after hayate?

  • Vulcan300 says:

    So Aoi starts stuffing? <__>