Absolutely Lovely Children #48 — Black Wings

March 8th, 2009


Does Patty look like an adult Punie to anybody else?


They clearly had a large chunk of extra money in the budget this week because the production was even better than normal. Not all that much of it was actually spent on the fights in the episode, but I’m not sure there were too many ways to make them particularly interesting anyway since they were all meant to be extremely one-sided. It was also somewhat funny to hear the Mio and Momo crosstalk through the episode. The same VA should not be talking to themselves that much in one episode, let alone making fun of themselves.

A very good episode all around. Punie Patty seemed probably a bit more powerful than she should have, but I got the distinct impression that she didn’t have a ton of control over how her smoke moved and the explosion did her a lot of good on that front. The attempted neck stabbing also seemed a little gruesome for Sunday morning TV, but I’m not going to complain about a little more grit in the show. I do wonder if Kaoru’s headaches were anything more than just the same thing as episode 2 (if you can remember back that far). Could be a prelude to Black Phantom attacking her mind (although she really doesn’t fit the Bullet/Tim Toy pattern), or just any other mental attack in general.

On the other hand, next week is the adventures of 9 year old Minamoto, so I don’t think the plot will be going anywhere in a hurry.

BABEL infiltrates Hotel Plankton to arrest some illegal weapon smugglers. Minamoto pretends to be room service while Kaoru and Aoi go on the attack. They’re surprised when one of the men is a low level teleporter and detonates grenades in an attempt to take them out.

Kaoru shields them from the blast, but snaps and viciously attacks the man, slamming him into the wall by his throat and pinning him there. Something’s wrong though and she can’t control her powers. She yells at Minamoto to use the limiter to stop her and he does.

Back at BABEL, Sakaki gives her a thorough check. She’s fine, but needs some time off for a little bit. Naomi will be taking her place while she recovers. Kaoru protests, but Minamoto tells her that they’ll be okay without her.

At home, Kaoru keeps thinking about him saying that. Her mother said the same thing when she left Kaoru at BABEL. Mio and Momo teleport in and immediately flip out because they saw Kaoru crying. She tells Kaoru that they need her help, and Kaoru agrees to give them a hand.

Mio teleports her to the wilderness where PANDRA members are waiting for them. They immediately get into an argument over Kaoru’s impertinent attitude. The girl (Kazura) turns her body into strands and binds Kaoru, but she easily breaks free. The guy (Kagari) blasts flames at her, but she blocks those too and dives for a psychic punch.

Kanou easily blocks it, and when Kaoru complains that it’s only because of her limiter, Kanou reaches up and breaks it. Kaoru’s headache immediately comes back, but before anything can happen, she gets a call from Minamoto checking up on her from recovering a sub. After she hangs up, a plane explodes overhead and a woman leaps out. Kanou explains that that’s who they’re here for, a member of Black Phantom, Patty Crew.

Kaoru’s more worried about the plane and anybody that could be hurt and blasts them when they don’t agree with her. Finally, they accept it and teleport up to guide the plane somewhere safe.

Patty lands and gets a message from Black Phantom to be wary of PANDRA.

Kaoru dons a disguise to mask her involvement with PANDRA in this one. Kanou explains the situation in a little more depth, but it basically boils down to Black Phantom bad, PANDRA good morally grey. They know taking Black Phantom on is tough, so they’re wearing specially made boosters from BABEL’s stolen data to provide her backup. Kyosuke SHIKI also sent Momo along. When Kanou says that they need her, Kaoru’s convinced to stay and help.

As they confront Patty, Kaoru hasn’t really got the hang of blending in as a member of PANDRA. Patty calls them idiots, and then transforms herself into a diffuse smoke cloud. Kagari attempts to ignite it, but the blast knocks him out and sends the smoke everywhere, letting Patty form right next to Kazura and grab her. Kanou demands some kind of plan from Kaoru, but when she has no idea how to fight it either, Kanou orders Mio and Momo to protect Kaoru and come up with a plan. Mio teleports Kaoru away, but Patty gives chase.

Momo attempts to provide cover, but her blasts don’t really affect Patty, despite taking off half her face. Patty grabs Momo and smoke starts pouring out of her mouth. She pulls in her battery and goes into protective hibernation mode as Mio and Kaoru teleport away.

Mio and Kaoru get into an argument immediately, but when Mio asks about the things Kaoru wants to protect, Kaoru remembers her parental figures saying that they’ll be okay without her again. She also remembers what her mother said after, that she’ll always love her and this is to let her become stronger so that she can protect what’s important. Kaoru thanks Mio and charges back to the fight.

Kanou attempts to slap Kagari awake with no effect. Kazura’s fight with Patty is also going poorly, but a blast of wind forces Patty into her human form. Kaoru appears with Mio and activates the boosters. The PANDRA espers fly up to Kaoru and she sprouts black wings. Kaoru’s head throbs again, and she thinks to herself that this should only be done with Aoi and Shiho, even as she lets loose her force of absolution blast, destroying Black Phantom’s hold.

She tells Mio to treasure Kyosuke and then passes out. They check her vitals in a panic, but none of them really know what they’re doing anyway. Kyosuke teleports in and tells them not to worry, his Queen will be fine.

On the ground, Patty obeys her final order from Black Phantom. She picks up a stick and holds it to her throat to stab herself. Kyosuke attacks, but Patty’s shielded. Kanou lays down a Psychic Hand of God and KOs Patty.

Back at the homestead, PANDRA puts Kaoru to bed and Kyosuke tells them that this is the first step into making Kaoru one of them, fighting on their side and learning to protect them as well.

Minamoto et al come back home and check up on Kaoru. She’s asleep, but mostly fine. Shortly after, she ambushes Minamoto and demands a present. When none is coming, she attacks, dragging Shio and Aoi out of their bath to be a part of the carnage as well.


Minamoto, you ped… wait, what?

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  • Consalvo says:

    Exelent episode, I need the RAW now.

  • Peanutbutter003 says:

    Will we have a triple monologue next episode? (Boy Minamoto, Mio, Momotarou)

  • sage says:

    Does Patty look like an adult Punie to anybody else?

    It’s just you. Adult Punie would be hotter.

    Also, you disappoint me, no mention of Adult Mio at all? It was a fleeting scene, but still… And you also forgot to underline Shiho dressed as a maid. There’s something wrong with you today.

    ps. I like don’t like where this is going.

  • Alice says:

    This episode really funny…..
    But, There’s somtings not like the others episode….