Penguin Girl ♥ #19 — Ougi!

October 24th, 2008


Ultimate finishing strike!


*sigh* Boo for these short episodes. I hope this isn’t how the whole series is going to end, but with only three episodes left, it’s certainly starting to look that way. The five and a half minute episode… with thirty seconds of recap… certainly really not helping matters either. At least we got some Xia eyecandy this episode. She’s definitely grown on me quite a bit as this show has gone on, though I always like the fang look. I do hope that Cure Penguin does have some moves or at least some magical girl posing before Kujira and Seb show up to save her bacon. Then again, I wouldn’t be overly against another giant naked fist fight.

Pengy’s still zonked, and Xia’s clothes explode from Aka’s attack. She refuses to back down though, so Aka rushes forward and knocks Xia aside using her hair. Aka taunts her, and Xia knowsthat she has to use her ultimate attack. Nene tries to talk her out of it, but Xia wants to be a hero in Kujira’s stead.

Kujira will surely think that she’s cool. Nene refuses, and says that she’ll fight alongside Xia. She stands up and is in her priestess garb. The two vow to support each other and then charge forward.

Cut back to Kujira and Kaede. Kujira tells the shrimp that she can’t do everything all the time.

Kaede tells her to not worry about Pengy, which sets off Kujira into a blushing violent rage. She rips out the fence in her rage and spins  it into a giant ball.

Xia rushes forward, but Aka dodges and punches her. Xia jumps right back into the fight while Nene chants a spell. Xia gets kicked back and Aka declares that match is over. She jumps up for her ultimate business card tidal wave attack.

The cards divert from Xia and fly towards Nene, but she disappears and then reappears behind Aka. Nene grabs Aka from behind and tells Xia to attack. She readies her ultimate attack and flies at the captured Aka.

Kujira’s finally calmed down a little bit, to Kaede’s relief. She tells Kaede it’s time to go save Pengy, then blushing and flustered, says to not misunderstand anything.

Kaede thanks her and radios Sebastian, who arrives in a helicopter while Flight of the Valkyries plays. Kaede thinks that Xia was right after all.

Xia is beaten up, but holds up a key card. Pengy wakes up and sees her friends laying on the ground. They apologize to her. Xia gives her the business card before they pass out.

Likewise, the White Knights pull themselves out of the hole and tell her that they have to leave Mary’s return to Pengy. Kare hands her another key before passing out. Pengy tries to vow revenge against Black Rose Communications, but gets tied up trying to say Communications. Nene corrects her, and then collapses.

Cure Penguin gets ready for her final battle.

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  • shadow says:

    Funny episode, now the end battle it is the one anime only girls is funny after the others are bads.