Slayers REVOLUTION #12 — The Electric Slide

September 17th, 2008


When you just can’t think of a good post title…


Well, the last five minutes or so were pretty enjoyable, and Phil’s within spitting distance of the big fight, so he’s contractually obligated to show up and Pacifist Punch something. Hopefully Wiser. The rest of it, just lots of chattering and predictible time filler. Pocotta begging the Seyruun legion of bearded men for help and after they all express their doubts, Phil cracks a table in half and declares holy justice will be fulfilled blah blah blah. Syphiel’s hanging around too, but just because she was defending one of Seyruun’s border forts at the time and honestly doesn’t really do much more than repeat the "oh crap, it’s Zanaffar" stuff that we heard for most of the previous episode as well.

Like I said though, the start of the final battle with the big ugly was pretty well done though. Gourry gets the Sword of Light and goes to town with it while Lina hangs back to go after Duclis. We probably could have done without the OP insert. ZKC has put me off on those for awhile now I believe. I’m also still waiting for Xellos to swoop in and reveal his big plan here. Hopefully we’ll get that before the show takes its hiatus. For how mysterious he likes to be, Xellos really does like to make sure that his motives are all explained out eventually. I just hope it’s next week instead of 6 months from now. I’m also hoping that this whole ordeal ends with Gourry getting a new sword. Maybe one made out of… oh… I don’t know… a giant wolf dragon or something.

And is it just me, or was this eyecatch of Amelia far more sexualized than she usually is? Maybe it’s because you can’t see her marshmallow hands… and the "not-really-an-upskirt" shot.


Duclis is defeated! I’m shocked!

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  • Anonymous says:

    Heh, guess Amelia found something that Justice Punching didn’t work on.

  • Rincewind says:

    ¡Syphiel! ¡Im happy beyond words!