Slayers REVOLUTION #10 — Gourry’s Day in the Sun

September 3rd, 2008


Xellos has the right idea. Grab some popcorn and pull up a chair.


Mostly an excellent episode, though the relatively long cutaway in the middle to Duclis and Pocotta standing around talking… then a flash back… then Wiser dropping in to expound for awhile about the true evil plan here was pretty annoying. I also enjoyed Ozel’s Card Captor Sakura staff, even if she only cast one spell with it. I realize that Windy Shield is a pretty common spell for the Slayers-verse, but when she said it with the little heart shaped staff and pink background, the Sakura vibes were overwhelming. At least she followed it up by getting double Rah Tilted (almost). If she had cast Firey Ball next, I’m sure I would have lost it. Also, while we’re talking about that double Rah Tilt… awesome move Zel. Throw Amelia at the enemy. Whatever works.

Of course, the man of the hour was Gourry, who not only at least temporarily got a Sword of Light back and prompty disarmed Giocando and disarmed Zuuma, but showed off his dual wielding skills to boot. I admit to a little fanboy mental cheering when he picked up the stone sword. Other than getting taken a little bit by surprise by Lina figuring out his general weakness and Gourry following it up by chopping him up a bit, Zuuma was in his usual threatening mode too, in stark contrast to the rest of the villains here. I’m glad he ran off. He’s too menacing a villain to waste on an evil clown and robot maid. Even if Lina knows that she can still use darkness magic inside of his fog crap, I don’t think she’d be able to connect with a Ragna Blade if he was actually paying attention to her. 

It would also seem that Xellos’ plans all along are related to the mystic wolf-dragon beastie Zanaffar that was sealed in her/her armor. It’d be nice if they had even shown that she was wearing the Zan armor at some point. Hell, I don’t think she even ever shrugged off a magical attack to give a clue about it. She was just some creepy ugly old woman. Whatever, I hope she’s gone for good. It at least more or less confirms that they’re wrapping up her part in all this, which should come as a relief to all involved.

Also, JC Staff… bonus points for continued effort, but Lina’s wearing pants, so your upskirt camera angle doesn’t work. You can use a different one now.


Flashbacks and a complete change of environment… oh boy!

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • UlCopt says:

    Gourry FTW!!

  • Captain Jackenape says:

    Seriously, whatever happened to pants in anime? are girls in anime incapable of wearing jeans or something? I mean, except Lina and co?

  • Kikaifan says:

    Lina’s are more like tights, really. Which fits her underwear-on-the-outside superhero motif pretty well.

    But wow, you’re right. The only real exception to the rule of skirts seems to be catsuits, which aren’t exactly pants either.

  • Shinji103 says:

    That guy’s going to keep coming back to haunt us ’til the end of time, isn’t he? -.-;

  • Captain Jackenape says:

    With awesome shoulder pads like those, theres no stopping him!

  • Aarion Franklin says:

    you mean the red preist rezo?