Happy Birthday, You Soulless Succubus

September 9th, 2008

Oops, this was supposed to go up hours ago.

Keep the dream alive, kitty cat. Maybe UFOTable will continue their bid to control all Type-Moon franchises and you’ll get your own show one of these days.

Well, a man can dream at any rate.


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21 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Totali says:

    It’s dat gurl Di Gi keeps mentioning but I dun’t know. nooooOOOOooooo

  • AGear2Ax says:

    Thanks for the pics! But I never thought that Aroduc is fond of a loli-cat. I wonder if Sacchin get one of these.

  • Aroduc says:

    Well, Len’s my main (when I actually stick to one), so I gotta watch out for her. Of course, I was playing her long before this latest batch of “robble robble Len’s top tier” nonsense rolled around. She’s always been top tier to me.

  • Di Gi Kazune says:


  • TheBigN says:

    totali: Get some more Tsukihime into your life man. :P

    I’m actually disappointed that I didn’t see “A cat is fine too” anywhere in this post. :P

  • DominicanZero says:

    …I was wondering when this was gonna come up, Aro. If this hadn’t appeared by today, I was going to thoroughly kick your ass. My beloved Magical Black Cat needs her love. =D

  • Ilovewhitehairedlolis says:

    Aah! I forgot to play Melty Blood Act Cadenza yesterday! Now I have to wait another year! I’m sorry, Len-chan. T_T
    And @TheBigN: A cat IS fine too, in both black AND white.

  • Rude says:

    Since I still got the 10th September, I was able to play it, on her birthday.

    But, I don’t know… somehow my Black G 666 Mode was erased. But meh… I don’t care.

    Happy birthday, Len.

  • Avisch says:

    Never get tired of our great dream creating succubus.

    And yeah totali go get some Tsukihime.

  • Kikaifan says:

    White Len cakeeating XD sprite at the top > all fanart.

    Though that fork one is pretty lol.

  • I must say,all these images of Len and White Len are pretty…well some of them only cute for me,and Happy Birthday,Len..I wish Melty Blood were real,including all the characters..but I guess it’s just every person’s fantasies…can’t help it.

  • Well Len,happy birthday once again,I might be a lil late to post a special video for you in YouTube,I hope you forgive me…
    -I love you forever,Len..-
    -Have a nice day,cute cat.-

  • Etanaru Kentai says:

    What? Her birthday was today? Wah….how could I forget such a cute cat’s birthday?

  • DKJuan(LeoNanaya) says:

    Happy Birthday Len
    ^^ she is my favorite girl of Tsukihime, but dam… i forget to buy her a cake, well see ya later ill go for the cake

  • Nanaya14th says:

    Happy B-day Len!
    Have an awesome day!
    -Lots of Hugs :D
    -Lots of love :DD

  • Neoboredom says:

    this cute cat can give me a good dream anytime.

    -happy birthday Len.

  • Satsujinki (whdyd693) says:

    Have a nice day …
    Happy birthday … Len

  • :DDD says:

    Happy B-day! :D
    Well, I guess I was a day late, but ANYWAY! :D

  • Boodo says:

    ‘re Magical day ~
    Happy birthday

  • Sol003 (infinity15600) says:

    Oh damn… The Cirno(09/09/09) craze has caused me to forget that today is the very day Len celebrates her b-day! Happy Birthday Len!