August 18th, 2008




Only the last 5 minutes or so had anything of any interest, which isn’t really particularly unusual, I suppose. The giant messages about the first DVD was especially jarring and out of place. On the other hand, it happened while Gau was whining like a little baby, so it provided some amusement that the moment was lacking, but that was still pretty shilltastic. Is that a word? Probably not. I’ll attempt to start using it more.

It is nice to finally see some people in this evil organization out to take over the world that are actually evil for once, and surprisingly competent for being dressed like a bunch of plumbers. Then again, Yoite hasn’t really been up to his original abilities recently, and even then, he never took on more than one person even way back when he helped crush Fuuma. It was nice to see the three people scatter at his opening shot and then triple team him to take him out like yesterday’s trash. He deserves some violent ass kicking for all the whining he’s been putting us through recently.

Brief Summary:

Miharu uses his cutesy powers for the first time in about three months to find Yae, and through her heart-reading powers, tries to get the All-Nature spirit to help him save Yoite. Gau also figures out that the Ash Wolves proper don’t care a whit about finding and saving Yoite, even after Gau whines incessantly at Hattori. That makes him go cry to Raikou for some hugs and reassurance. Around this point, Kumohira heads back to the clearing where he saved Miharu way back in the flashback way back in episode one or two. It’s been five months… you may have also forgotten it.

Back with Yae and the All-Nature, she doesn’t take kindly to being given requests and attempts to mind crush Yae and Miharu. He manages to save Yae, but then the spirit abandons him and takes off. Maybe you should stop calling her a fairy, Miharu. Then the elite Ash Wolf crew shows up and immediately subdues Yoite. To be dicks, they show Yae that they bombed her ninja office earlier. They then go to kill Yoite, but Miharu tells them that Miharu himself will die if they kill his boylover.


This preview was a gallery of people tied up and looking miserable. I think that means that it’s going to turn into rape hentai.

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • ZOL says:

    gang bang and bondage. I see your point.

  • Mint says:

    Bondage rape next episode, please let it happen. -crosses fingers-

  • Twirble says:

    This is NOTHING like the manga, lol! (why am I not dissapointed?)

  • Guns says:


  • ZOL says:

    srsly ’cause they didn’t even meet Yae again there, but nevermind it, if we can stand some gay emo-ing in a Christmas night which happened to take place in November, there’s no reason we can’t bear to watch such subtle, total change of plot