Melty Blood Actress Again Official Exhibition Video

August 11th, 2008

Thanks a ton to Tim for pointing this out to me. 
Sega went ahead and put together an exhibition video for the new movesets and such. This really is seriously what a sequel should be like. Hisui’s Ex-Throne and Ex-Ladder were especially hilarious. I really really hope the PC port is a bit quicker than the almost 2 years this time around. Aroduc wanna plaaaaaaaay. Crushing Survival Mode with random characters can only entertain me for so long.

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13 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • TheBigN says:

    Hisui’s Ex-Ladder was great, but I think I might be more of a fan of what seemed to be Kohaku’s homerun swing there. Nice to see that you can kinda do more things with Miyako than you could before as well. :P

  • namelessLoli says:

    Thanks for crediting me Aroduc. => I really can’t wait to see some of the other characters in action, especially Roa.

    And yeah, hopefully the PC port hits within a year’s time or so. I’m way too hype to play this game.

  • C.I. says:

    Holy Shit, Nanaya Shiki looks even more badass than in Act Cadenza, he’s less reliant on Nanatsu-Yoru now. O_O

  • namelessLoli says:

    Eh, I play Nanaya competitively, and the only thing that really looks that interesting is being able to cancel his 623 into that flash kick. Otherwise the full combo they showed was invalid (techable). Having Shiki get teleports kind of kills one of Nanaya’s advantages.

  • Aroduc says:

    Ugh. Nanaya players. So irritating. But on the upside, my Len has gotten to be a Nanaya-mincing machine due to having to play them every other match.

  • namelessLoli says:

    Yeah, it’s weird. Nanaya players used to be a rarity. Nowadays there’s been a stupid amount of American Nanaya players. (which is prolly due to Jiyuna’s mad skills with him topping a lot of the big tourneys)

    I really can’t say why I still main Nanaya. He’s such an uninteresting person, even when you’re working his stupid good blockstrings. lol, he really brings meaning to the Mashy Blood joke.

    The U.S. needs more competitive Len players. She’s too beastly of a character to only be played by one or two people in the tourney scene. THAT FUCKING CAT!

  • Aroduc says:

    The main problem that I have when using Len is that most of her pressure strings are trash. They’re all so slow and methodical thanks to her lack of a real dash that there’s really just no way to get through a turtling player without just faking them out entirely, and it certainly doesn’t help that her 5C and pirouette are two of the easiest things in the game to bunker cancel.

    Her lack of a real standing overhead (214C doesn’t really cut it), blockbacks, and any kind of low attack (oh boy, I get to use 2B or… 236a and nothing in between) at all also doesn’t help for providing decent pressure. Arguably the best air game, but smart players will just jump into your feet and throw your ass instead of letting you use any of her (admittedly extremely vicious) air to ground tricks.

    It’s just really really hard (at least for me) to keep momentum going with her. Awesome priority on attacks, easy to chain the simplest poke into a ton of damage on ground or in the air, but against anybody with a modicum of skill, it’s painfully tough to keep the pressure up after that.

  • namelessLoli says:

    True enough. A lot of her game is just dancing around in the air and abusing her ridiculously good aerial priority, and throwing down random black cats to trip up. Once you actually get a poke in that connects, it’s hurtin time. Against someone who’s blocking smart though, it’s definitely a little harder to get in. If you wanna check out replays from this past Evo, since Hellmonkey was beasting with Len in the team tourney, we have most of them up at in the tourney results board. You can tell he’s a Guilty Gear player though, as he pulls random airthrows out of nowhere all the time.

    Playing Nanaya for so long has really helped me to get a strong grasp on blockstrings and tick throws and such. He basically relies on it, after all. lol. If it weren’t for Miyako’s horrendous range on her ground normals, I would probably switch to her. She’s got high damage corner combos, combos off tick throws, pretty good aerial priority, a couple mixup options for blockstrings. She seems my kind of character, but it’s just so frustrating to actually get in on people. D;

    Anyway, word in from a friend in Japan is that Full Moon Len has some kind of beastly Aegis Reflector type move. I’m guessing those slow moving ice triangles from one of the videos is related. I wish someone could get a good video in, but most of the loketests are way too strict about no cameras and such. Also, he said that he got to see Roa, which is similar to Kyosuke from Rival Schools. He didn’t say if he plays similar or if his attacks just look similar, but hopefully some more videos will be leaked so we can all see.

    Btw, do you netplay much?

  • Aroduc says:

    Not really, I’m at that awkward level where my fundamentals are good enough to dominate the relatively casual players, but I still get rocked by the serious ones, so it’s usually a blowout in one way or the other.

    Net play also musses up my timing pretty badly on stuff like Akiha’s crossup 8236a, or dash cancelling in the air off blocks and such, but that’s more of just me being meh and not being quick/anticipatory enough than anything else.

  • namelessLoli says:

    Ah, I see. Yeah, netplay can be pretty awkward. The newer mbcaster has surprisingly good framerate as long as you’re playing someone on your half of the the nation. Netplay is great for getting a lot of match experience, even if a lot of it is getting stuffed by the mad good players. lol. I play whenever I can, but having a broken pc hinders my ability to netplay daily like I used to. I play competitively, but I’m still pretty much on the low end of the ladder in terms of experience and skill. I can beat down casual players easily, but many other competitive players can at least eek out victories on me.

  • Aroduc says:

    I usually hang out on IRCHighway if you get bored, though I can usually only play relatively late at night for various reasons.

  • namelessLoli says:

    Cool, I’ll prolly hop in there sometime and see if I can get some matches with you.

  • Anonymous says:

    Loved the new moves…

    Aoko only has 1 new move…>_<
    Where’s White Len? :P

    Question: Where can I get/download character sprites from MBAC verB?