Birdy the Mighty: DECODE #06 — Needs More Crazy, Less Angst

August 8th, 2008


Some actual action might help keep my interest too.


Nanatsugi: "It feels like I died."
Senkawa: "I know the feeling."
Nanatsugi: "Oh! Let’s have hot emo sex. Kiss me, you beast."
Senkawa: –falls into pool–

And that was Senkawa’s major contribution to this episode, which ended up actually being more than Birdy’s. They stumbled around where he got killed for a bit before he angsted out and something about tracking down a marionette (Gee, I wonder who that could be), but despite this show being called Birdy the Mighty, there was pretty much no Birdy and absolutely no Mighty whatsoever. Instead, it was pretty much all setup and reintroduction to Senkawa’s group of pals along with the eeeeeeebul men in black and their gothloli in case anybody forgot about them after that oh so long two week trip away from Earth. My threshold for dealing with lame schoolchildren in what is ostensibly supposed to be a show about a superpowered space cop fighting monsters is low enough already. I don’t need a reminder to their lives and times after only a two episode break.

Nanatsugi’s sad because of post traumatic shock (I’m sure whatever the evil men did to her doesn’t help either), and her family is in bed with the evil guys. Oh, and she’s a little bit crazy now and like to crush robot birds. That’s about 95% of what I took from this episode. I said it last week and I’ll say it again. This show really needs to find its legs again and get a villain, some drama that isn’t inspidly dumb, anything. For how dumb the death conversation was, at least it started setting up a connection between Doofus and Nanatsugi that they could use later. Same with the bird strangling. The ten minutes of shopping, eating lunch, eating lunch again, frolicking in the pool, "your friends are so nice," and "OH EM GEE! Do you think she likes Senkawa?!"… Ugh. Just shoot me.


Birdboy finally gets involved.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Anonymous says:

    Sounds like the plot is going no where fast, wasn’t this supposed to only be a 12 episode run?

    I was hoping it was going to cover at least up to where the OVA ended, but that may not be true at this point, unless they double the pace for the second half of the season.

  • totali says:

    Attack of the….the plot!

    Aroduc: Arm the wards!

  • white says:

    why can they just do this like the manga??!!!