Penguin Girl ♥ #07 — Miko Miko Moe

May 30th, 2008


Fear the shrine maidens.


I knew Nene was holding back. She’s a minor goddess with the super moe powers of a shrine maiden. Alright… I don’t really share Pengy’s fascination with shrine maidens, but aside from her ambivalence over angry ghosts attacking the city, she fits the super-priestess stereotype pretty well. I felt a little bad for her through the middle when Pengy and Kujira kept breaking all her stuff and drenching her. I expected her to snap and go Eva Braun on their tails, but apparently her killing aura was just for drying her clothes. There were also a ton of especially silly facial expressions all over the place in this episode. I especially liked Pengy’s look as Nene was fixing Kujira’s skirt.

The OP was pretty much completely new (and well done) animation this week. The ED changed slightly too (just a new flying Pengy sprite), but as always, my only major complaint was that the episode was 10 minutes long… which means 7 minutes of actual content. That’s like… 1/3 as much as stupid Kanokon. It makes me sad. So… very… very… very… sad.

Penguin Girl OP #7

At her shrine, Nene, says goodbye to a picture of her grandmother.

There’s the usual arguments going on at school. Pengy’s in a maid argument trying to convince Kujira to change as well since it’s the proper way for cleaning up the class.

Nene acts as the peacemaker. Kujira’s a bit touched by how kind she is. Pengy just goes off doing her cleaning thing… managing to knock the trash over in the process. Nene tells her to not give up, and somehow teleports right over to Pengy to give her pointers on how to use her ‘powers.’

Kujira gets fired up and flexes as she prepares to get serious about cleaning… but SOMEONE’S been putting on weight and her skirt snaps under the flexing.

Nene’s right there to pick it up and mend it. She keeps a needle in her hair after all. It’s something her grandmother taught her.

Now fired up, Kujira carries all the desks out of the way at once, but a phone drops out and she trods on it. It’s Nene’s phone. Kujira starts freaking out and even Pengy understands the severity of being without a cellphone, but Nene just tells her to not mind it, it’s just a cellphone.

Pengy takes the chance to make a move… but steps in a bucket and then kicks it into the air, knocking the dirty water onto Nene. Now they’re screwed as a killer aura radiates out of Nene… but she just takes the bucket off her head and tells them that she’s fine. She’s happy that Pengy is okay… and somehow immediately dries off.

Pengy asks why it’s all okay, and Nene tells her that it’s all learned from her grandmother. No matter what happens, everything is fine. She lets it slip that she lives on a shrine which sets Pengy ablaze… MIKO-SAN KITAAAAAAAAAAA!

Pengy passes out at the thought… shrine maidens are second only to maids in the cosplay world. She apologizes to Nene, saying that she never knew about anything.

Kujira’s a bit taken back. Pengy just wants to dress up as a shrine maiden… so later, they end up at the shrine for MOE MOE MIKO TIME.

Pengy is there to help out, but is somewhat traumatized by all the work… still… she’s a real shrine maiden now! It’s great!

As she’s sweeping, she runs headlong into a sealed stone, splitting it open and releasing the hydra ghosts inside. Nene explains that they’re demons as the snake heads attack.

The girls disappear at the last second and reappear behind a bush. Nene rushed them to safety. Kujira’s shocked at Nene’s speed. Just as expected of a real shrine maiden! The embodiment of a goddess! Nene’s happy everybody’s okay… but… Kujira complains that it’s not really alright as the snake ghosts rampage through the city.

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  • LazyMcChan says:

    This show should be done twice a week. Need…more…pengy…goodness!