Absolutely Lovely Children #09 — Za Adulto!

May 31st, 2008


I liked this so much, it gets twice as many caps.


Oh lord, this episode was the funniest thing I’ve seen since… man… probably some random Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei episode three months ago or more. I especially loved Kyosuke’s dirty look at his squirrel while it was preening itself under the girls’ attention. There were all sorts of great "what the hell is this nonsense" looks throughout the episode, from Shiho and Aoi’s sleepy "why the hell are you screaming" to Minamoto’s "why is there a 9 year old girl humping my arm out of fear" glare. For that matter, all their girly crushes on Minamoto and their fantasy images of him were also hilarious. Kaoru apparently loves the manly beefcake men. I’m not sure why she wasn’t into Muscle Okama then, but hey… Muscle Okama is probably just too much man for her anyway.

So, yeah… now that Kyosuke is taking a proactive role in the show and formenting chaos, I’m having a lot more fun. He’s a bit of a weird character still, since he’s clearly evil, but also somewhat clueless despite his machinations. The girls as attempted sexy little imps was also a lot of fun to watch. It really was like they found a new toy to try to torment Minamoto with and went for broke. I’m not certain what would’ve happened had he… er… gone after one of them, but I’m sure there are people furiously drawing fanart even as I write. The GIANT BLACK BARS censoring Kaoru in her nighty were a bit much, but eh… fanservice isn’t why I’m watching this anyway. It just would’ve been nice if they picked a different angle instead of covering half the screen in black.

Quick Summary:

Minamoto’s taking the girls out and about. Horror movie, shopping, etc. Shiho reads his mind and tells the others that he thinks of them as kind of brats. Kaoru punishes him, but ends up throwing temper tantrums soon after, just making Minamoto sure that he’s right. Kyosuke spies on all of this. They also happen upon the school friends out on a date.

After a normal day and sending the kiddos off to school, Kashiwagi shows up with a confession that the Chief did… something terrible. Then she starts hitting on Minamoto something fierce… but has to stop because she can’t hold a straight face anymore. It’s Kyosuke in an illusion, plotting his own mischief. He wants Minamoto to treat the kids like adults so they’ll grow up faster… except… they are kids. After BABEL attacks to try to capture him, Kyosuke MIND CRUSHES Minamoto.

That night, after collapsing into bed, Minamoto gets kicked in the face by Kaoru who has wandered into the wrong room. Minamoto starts screaming his blood head off because Kaoru’s half naked and now an adult, as are the other two. Minamoto quickly figures out that Kyosuke did something to him and shoos them all out.

Business as usual the next morning though. Kaoru perches on his head and he sees them off, looking a bit more stressed than usual before checking in with Sakaki and explaining the situation to the Chief and how much of an issue it is. Meanwhile, Kyosuke pulls the girls aside from school to tell them what he did to Minamoto. After being distracted by his cute squirrel, they all have girly fantasies about being an adult with Minamoto. Kaoru’s especially was hi-larious and their minds get working on how to seduce and harass Minamoto for thinking of them as brats.

Shiho tries the sexy nurse, Aoi just glomps him, and Kaoru dresses in gym clothes and covers herself in water. He escapes all of them, but they corner him on the roof. Kashiwagi comes to his aid with an emergency… some crazy Elvis esper is going nuts. They deploy, Minamoto releases "ZA ADULTS!" and easily crush him. Kaoru takes advantage of the distraction to steal Minamoto’s limiter control phone and the three move in for the kill. That finally makes Minamoto snap and he chews them all out because this is not how adults behave at all you’re just proving how immature you are no matter how you look you’re still kids one long giant ranting run-on sentence. They break down sobbing and Minamoto’s images of them revert now that he’s been completely honest with them and treated them like grown ups.

Flash forward… Kaoru’s throwing a temper tantrum in the store again. They really are still just kids.


BABEL-2, the attack sub deploys!

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  • Sterling01 says:

    “but I’m sure there are people furiously drawing fanart even as I write”

    There’s already a H-doujin featuring ‘adult’ Shiho

  • totali says:

    I want to know how many fans are still more attracted to the lolis when compared to the adults.

    Wait….no I don’t.

  • sage says:

    I want to know how many fans are still more attracted to the lolis when compared to the adults.

    Screw the lolis, I want the adults!

  • DmonHiro says:

    “Screw the lolis, I want the adults!”

    You might want to rephrase that.

  • Shinn Agami says:

    @sage and DmonHiro

    dammit, i’m roflmao.

  • Gil says:

    Just this episode alone got me to watch this anime.

  • Gil says:

    You missed the screen cap of the cameos.

  • Aroduc says:

    I got Hahiru. I just didn’t really care about Hayate et all. ^^

  • Shippoyasha says: