Kimikiss ~ Pure Rouge #20 — Movin’ on Over

February 23rd, 2008


Rockin’ on over.


Seeya, Mao.

One of those very very full episodes of Kimikiss. Futami makes up with Kazuki, probably completely killing Sakino’s chances (boo! BOOOOO!), though she was about fifteen different degrees of ice bitch for most of the episode. She was easily the most adorable that she’s been for the entire show when she hid from Kazuki and then started getting all panicky in her apartment. Still doesn’t excuse her from being the ice bitch, but you’ve won her now, Kaz. You better enjoy your conquest because I will never forgive you for leaving Sakino behind. What is Sakino even doing in this show anyway? She hasn’t even made a move and we’re down to the last 4/6 (I forget how long this show is) episodes. In other news, Kouichi continues to avoid talking about anything, but Kai uses his charm to convince Mao to stop shacking up with her little boy toy. With Mao out of the home, that means that she’ll have basically no contact with anybody but Kai. Good work, jazzman. You’ll get your woman afterall.

Also of note, this episode was very well animated. Sure, there wasn’t much to animate, but Futami and Nana’s hair looked the best that they have all season. I think Nana may also be going through puberty or something because JCStaff has been drawing her extra curvey as of late. That’s sort of a disquieting thought… but at least curvey Nana means that the frogs won’t be appearing… and I think that’s something we can all agree on. I did find it hilarious that every single background person was staring at Futami and Kazuki during the cafeteria scene. You’d think he challenged her to a death match right there in the lunchroom or something.

I really could have done without the ANGRY BEEPING from the broadcasters though. BEEP.

Kai brings Mao a drink and the two sit at the bench near the fountain. Mao asks him if it’s okay if he skips work. Kai tells her that it’s more important to him that he’s with her. Mao looks up, a little surprised. She admits how cruel she was to Kai. He says that it’s fine. He doesn’t think the time they had together was a lie.

He asks her if she wants him to stop talking. She shakes her head and he goes on, getting deep and going for the kill. He says that he’s happy as long as Mao is happy. Mao feels like the bitch that she is and looks up at the sky.

Yumi sits at home, thinking that Mao really does like Kouichi… and thinks that Kouichi likes her.

Boy wonder thinks back to comforting Mao after she read the Dog of Flandres. He hears Mao come home and thinks about opening the door, but can’t bring up the courage and she just goes to her room. He grits his teeth.

Mao stands in the darkness, thinking about Kai’s words.

Kazuki is doing his own thinking about Futami. He thinks about Kouichi in the play yelling that it doesn’t matter how/when his feelings started.

The next day, Kouichi’s mom walks him up. Mao is downstairs already and in high spirits. She apologizes to Kouichi for the previous day… again. Then she stops and says that it’s a lie.

She doesn’t really know what came over her. She really didn’t mean to hurt Yumi. She tells Kouichi that she’s figured things out and she’s fine now. She runs on ahead, but stops and enjoys the cool air.

Kazuki stands like a douche as Futami changes her shoes. He tries to say hello and ask if they can– but Futami cuts him off, saying that it’s over. Kazuki watches her go.

Sakino notices other girls looking at dresses in a catalog and looks over. They tease her for a little bit, but Kazuki walks in just then and she gets flustered.

In class, Kouichi and Yumi are distracted by recent things.

At lunch, Hiiragi remarks that it’s odd for Yumi to be so out of it. Kazuki wanders off to go sit with Futami to the surprise of every single person in the cafeteria. Futami tries to tell him that it’s over agian, but Kaz ain’t letting no bitch ruin his game. He tells her that he wants to talk to her. He finally notices the entire room watching them. He tries to tell her that he likes her, but she cuts him off again and tells him to stop. Once again, she shoots him down. He says that he might be stupid, but that won’t change things.

She looks down… and tells him to wake up to the truth. She then gets up and leaves, but Kazuki angrily gets up and the two stare at each other.

Yumi and Kouichi walk together during the sunset. He asks how she’s doing… and she asks about Mao. Kouichi stammers for a bit, but says that she’s fine now too. Yumi starts to ask how he truly feels… but stops. He offers her his hand, and the two keep walking together.

Nana shrieks into a phone like the banshee that she is. She hears Kazuki yelling… he’s loudly reciting lines. Hiiragi suggested that he write his thoughts out and then practice them in order to be able to talk to Futami and not have a repeat of their lunchroom antics.

Kazuki grits his teeth and keeps reciting… but Nana let herself into the room at some point. She cheers him on… though I’ll admit that I was confused by her strangely well animated hair at this point. Nana let’s him know that she’s happy he’s getting along with Sakino lately. He smiles at that.

Futami is sitting alone in her room. OH GOD STATION ALERT HELLO OW MY EARS.

Excuse me.

Futami is sitting alone in her room thinking about Kazuki calling her out earlier.

The next day, Mitsuki tells Kazuki that Futami’s not in today. Mitsuki is honestly worried about her.

At home, Futami is watching Tom and Jerry. Or the awful Japan knockoff. What was that all about? She flips it off and walks onto the balcony to mope outdoors. She just stands in the wind while her hair is animated very well. She hears a sound and notices Kazuki walking up with a huge bouqet of flowers. She’s surprised and hides.

She runs into the apartment all flustered and looks about. She finally calms down and watches the door, waiting for him. She keeps waiting, but he never buzzes or knocks.

She finally goes up to the door and turns on the camera… and sees him standing outside reciting his lines… trying to work up the courage to go in. She watches him go through them, ending with a declaration that he loves her and it doesn’t matter how it started. He grits his teeth and tries to ring her… but she opens the door and glares at him.

He tries to offer her the flowers and flubs his lines completely. He goes for his notes and Futami laughs at him.

He tries to figure out that she laughed, but she tells him that she didn’t…. and then chuckles again. He offers her the flowers, but she tells him she doesn’t want them. She doesn’t need feelings like that. She tells him to forget them. Kazuki says that that may be so, but he likes these feelings. He doesn’t understand them, and may be an idiot, but he’s happy being with her. He stops when he sees the tears pouring down her cheeks. She says that she’s not crying. She doesn’t understand either, and then throws herself into Kazuki’s arms. He hugs her.

Sakino picks up a magazine in a convenience store.

At home, Kouichi walks in to learn that Mao is moving out.


I like how most of this preview is about the bit characters. Hiiragi and Kuryu… what are you what are you even doing here?

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10 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Man fan #1 says:

    hmm so now that kazuki and futami hookewd up all that’s left is for mao and kouichi to hook up, yay!!

  • a says:

    I kind of seem them going with the original couples. Though Mao doing the whole, it’s a lie thing is annoying even if I think she’s a super bitch. Admit it, talk about it and move on FFS.

  • Totali says:

    Asuka plays a slightly bigger role than Mitsuki and whats her name enforcer girl. She’s still blushing man.

    I actually thought the random shifts to detailed art was kind of distracting in this episode, but it was still pretty awesome I guess.

    BEEEEEEPPPPPP at what was suppose to be a dramatic part. Thanks broadcasters!

  • Taku says:

    I feel you on the Sakino issue. ERIKO FUTAMI MUST DIE.

  • sudee says:

    i’m kinda confused..mao and koichi..does koichi even like mao tht way??..wat abt kai, guys???..maybe yumi cud go for kai n mao cud get koichi n sakino and kazuki end up together wid fatumi finding out she’s a dyke which is y “experiments”
    had to stop.

    i think i’m losing it.don’t mind me…

  • Tensho says:

    It’s kinda funny how Mao and Kai meet at that same fountain that Yuumi and Kouichi met earlier in the end of ep 13 and the beginning of ep 14.

  • What-i-think says:

    man..i want sakino and aihara to end up together *sighs*

  • Jauken7 says:

    Yea, Kazuki x Eriko… been a long time coming. Hope she overcomes her emotional baggage and lets her feelings come through. I’m pulling for Kouichi x Yuumi all the way. Kai is showing how much he cares for Mao; he may win her back. He needs lessons from Kazuki on persistence. Well, how about Hiiragi x Sakino… ya think? I’d like to see Asuka get some love and he just might be a good match for her.

  • chrono core17 says:

    I dont get why sakino is in the dang series if it will turn out to be kazuki x futami. How much do you want to bet that in the next two episodes, mao will cry at least once ^___^

  • SOSAnimeBoy says:

    This episode was unexpectedly really good. It’s almost painfully clear that they had different animators working on this episode, or something. Futami was kawaii >3