Night Wizard #03 — Hiiragi Renji and The Temple of Doom

October 16th, 2007


No time for love, Dr Jones.


A fairly lame episode all around. For all the lurking that she did, Lalami (or whatever the hell her name is) didn’t really do much of anything and then died almost as soon as they started fighting. Really, all she did was put them on a bunch of gems, and then fire a couple shots at Akari before dying. I chuckled the first time that Hiiragi was bludgeoned by a trap, but afterwards it was just fairly tiresome. I guess that the only really interesting thing in the episode was the sequence at the start with evil Anzelot and her mysterious God. I am already rolling my eyes about the next episode taking place on the moon though. I’m really hoping that’s just some bizarre dream sequence and they won’t actually be putting an altar and evil tower on the moon’s surface, but who knows.

In front of a stained glass window, Anzelot carries on a one sided conversation with a silhouette. Everything is going according to their plan, she tells to her god, Gazer… with an evil look in her eyes.

Kurega and the others fight the golems. Kureha stuns one, letting Hiiragi attack the runes and destroy it. Akari destroys another couple with shots to the head while Elis stands stunned. Akari tells Elis to move, as a golem is coming closer. Elis cowers in fear, letting Akari shoot, but she misses. Hiiragi leaps in and finishes it off.

The last golem defeated, the sky returns to normal. Elis is impressed with the new member of the party and tries to thank her, but Akari walks off. Lalami continues to watch from above.

The party comes to the castle, led by Elis. As the others walk in, Elis feels a strange energy and pauses, but says it’s nothing when Kureha notices. Inside, Hiiragi leans on a wall and ends up falling through it for a distance and then spit out a short distance away. They conclude that there must be traps here and that they need to be careful… though in this case, “being careful” means “make Hiiragi go first.”

They continue through the castle, Hiiragi triggering traps constantly. Finally, they reach an open area and Hiiragi’s stomach grumbling convinces them to take a quick rest. Elis whips out her specially packed food, but Akari stands guard seperately from the rest. Elis brings over some tea to her and tries to be friendly, but Akari is brusque and says that she’s just here to protect Elis.

Hiiragi whines a bit about Anzelot during their food, which she of course senses… and it ends with him triggering another trap and a wash basin falling on his head.

As they keep going deeper into the castle, Elis’ starts to pant and her vision blurs. Akari prods her, and she again says that she’s fine. Lalami watches this and heads to the gem’s chamber. She tries to grab it, but there’s a barrier blocking her.

The goodguy party sees flashes of light ahead of them and readies their weapons. As they enter the chamber, they find a mural showing two of the glowing gems and a giant dragon.

Elis unconsciously starts to read the writing, but loses it almost immediately. They recognize the word she read as a great Emulator demon lord (Sharimal? this was really hard to hear well) from long ago though.

Elis’ head pulses again in pain. She looks up at the dragon’s eye.

The kids come to another large chamber filled with blocks. Elis’ breathing becomes increasingly labored and she falls to her knees. She says that she’s fine, but the others have stopped believing her lies. Akari puts her hand on Elis’ shoulder and passes on some advice Anzelot once told her.

Elis pulls back her sleeve and touches her bracelet. It releases some energy and Elis immediately feels better. They continue on, looking for a way through the room. The three girls end up on an ‘o’ shaped tile. Hiiragi, not thinking, jumps up on an ‘x’ tile. It falls downward and their’s rises, leaving the falling man behind. Elis senses that they’re getting closer.

The girls walk through a passage and come to a dark chamber. Elis recoils in fright when she sees a skeleton in armor, but Kureha calls her over when they find the gem. Elis reaches out for it, but she’s repelled by the barrier as well. Lalima watches invisibly from above, curious as to why neither of them could grab it, but thinks that she may as well kill Elis then.

She brings the skeletons to life and they start plodding forward. Kureha and Akari attack them while Elis turns back to the gem. She looks at the torches and remembers the mural. She realizes that she needs to turn one of the torches orange and summons her school book to look for the answer.

One of the skeletons comes near while she’s searching and she summons her shield. Hiiragi falls down in front of it and kills it before it can attack. Akari and Kureha took care of the rest.

Now at peace, Elis tells them that the ‘gems’ in the mural were the flames and tells them her plan to use the minerals to turn the flames green and orange. Akari donates her headphones to the cause. With the flames the correct colors, Elis reaches for the gem again. This time, her eye flashes and it absorbs into her bracelet.

Lalami applauds Elis from above and then throws out a series of gems, teleporting them all into the crimson world. Kureha attacks, but Lalami easily dodges. She floats up next to Akari and then takes her form and the two start firing back and forth at eachother.

Elis’ bracelet glows and she has the idea to say that they hate Akari and to attack both of them. Kureha agress that it’s a nice plan and tosses seals at the two Akaris. One Akari swings her gun over, but the seal dissipates harmlessly on the barrel. The other just catches it, revealing that the fake is the one who thought Kureha would really attack. Hiiragi immediately attacks and kills Lalami while Akari says that she believes in the heart of her companions and they wouldn’t seriously attack her or something nonsensical like that.

Bell closes her compact thinks aloud how interesting Elis is. Her companion just sighs to herself.

On the way out, Elis apologizes to Akari for saying that they hated her, but Akari says that the food she gave her earlier was delicious. Elis happily summons some more cookies for them.

As they leave, Elis suddenly collapses with the light shining brightly in her eye. “Her light” reflects in her eye as she looks up towards the white moon.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Sniper says:

    Its very funny that he trigger all those traps. I so love Akari.

  • Stalker says:

    Say, anyone notice that the ‘wings’ of the of that snake like creature, on the mural, has some similarity that of elis bracelat? Not only that, the numbers are equal to the numbers of jewels.