Night Wizard #02 — Welcome to the World Saving Club!

October 9th, 2007


Party to be held at South Pole.


Awwww… and here I was hoping that Hiiragi would get to move in alone with Elis for some good unclean heterosexual fun. Although… with Kureha along too… who knows. Maybe even Akari will join them in the love nest. Along that train of thought… Akari for the red head? Pfft. Silliness. I seriously need a name list for these villains too, or they need to stop mumbling at each other. Anyway, the episode was a lot of exposition about the world and more premise building. Elis’ total naive and gungho responses to Anzelot are simply priceless. It’s great to see the entire group unabashedly out to save the world instead of moping around about why they have powers or responsibilty. There’s no angst in Night Wizard!

I found the golem at the end a little silly, especially with how easily Akari took it down while Hiiragi and Kurega couldn’t even scratch it, but I’ll survive. Something about girls with beam cannons always makes things better. She also has some sort of cloning or illusion technique too. The preview for next week had her facing Lalima, so should be good times. The OP also changed this week to what I imagine is the real one. At least, it’s no longer a montage.

Night Wizard OP

Under the scarlet moon, a staff is planted in the ground. The red haired girl walks up to a broken cell phone, but says to herself that it’s too late. She sees monsters flying towards her and summons the Gunners Broom and fires at them.

Elis narrates about a strange new classmate of her’s… Kureha’s childhood friend Hiiragi who is being introduced to the class as a new student, much to his annoyance.

Flashback to Anzelot’s request to Elis to become a world savior with the rest of the crew. Anzelot tells Elis all about the monsters that have existed through history.

Vampires, werewolves, Medusa, etc… are all invaders called Emulators. The only people with the power to fight the Emulators are people with power… Wizards.

Anz continues on, saying that Elis is also a Wizard and her bracelet contains power that will grow with the gems. She looks down at the bracelet and it splits off and forms the shields. She reaches out to touch one of them, but it reverts back to her bracelet.

She’s a bit surprised by it, but Kureha demonstrates how easily you can use the power by pulling out a fan and then storing it away again in the dimensional space. Anz keeps going on about the Emulators and protecting the world with the others and tells Elis that she has to join her.

Anz gets up and asks for Elis’ hand before telling her about the bracelet and the gem within it. She gives some background on the jewels/balls and how they’re related to the world, mostly that they’re the cause of a lot of disasters/destruction through history. The gist is that Elis’s bracelet can save the world.

All the exposition done, Anz does her normal “please respond with either ‘hai’ or ‘yes'” routine. To everybody’s surprise, Elis leaps right up and says ‘hai.’ Anz asks if she’s sure… so Elis changes her answer to ‘yes.’ She then says that she understands how important everything is and she accepts the responsibility.

Anz says that she’ll be working with Kureha and Hiiragi. He makes a snide comment about Kureha, and she threatens to reveal his secret shame. The two argue briefly before Anz tells them that since Hiiragi will be guarding her, he’ll have to stay together all the time even at home.

Back in school, Hiiragi is fuming in the back of the room at being introduced as a new student as everybody laughs.

That evening, Hiiragi heads into Elis’ apartment with her. He’s pretty impressed by it. Elis comes in and blushes about living with him. He drops his bag and grins, but doesn’t get far before Kureha rushes in, grabs him and bodily throws him onto the balcony and tells him that he’ll be sleeping out there, tossing all his crap after him.

That night, he’s angry and in a little tent. Kureha comes out with dinner… dog food. Elis comes out with the real dinner and they let him in for the great World Saving party. The three celebrate and chow down. Kureha is quite the cake afficianado.
Elis looks over at Hiiragi with a start, but he’s enjoying her cake too.

That night, Hiirgai is already sleeping on the balcony with his sword.

Kureha and Elis prepare to bunk down. Kureha has found a book and is looking through it. It’s Elis’ favorite gift from her grandfather. She talks a little bit more about her grandfather and how her birthday is coming up, which Kureha says that they -have- to celebrate.

The next day in the chemistry lab at school, Elis is paying dilligant attention while Hiiragi naps. The three eat lunch on the school roof. Elis shows off that she’s figured out how to use the dimensional space by summoning a thermos of tea from it.

The conversation turns to Anzelot. Elis and Kureha are impressed, but Hiiragi calls her a spoiled brat that’s more like an old woman. Right on cue, Anzelot shows up in a copter and suction cups Hiiragi to take him away. Kureha and Elis are given a ride by a couple guys in masks. I think they win.

At Anzelot’s castle, they’re enjoying tea. Hiiragi wants to know they were kidnapped if there wasn’t anything pressing. Anzelot ignored him and does the ‘hai’/’yes’ to Elis, who eagerly responds with ‘hai.’ Kureha tries to explain that it’s a joke.

Anz continues on, saying that they’ve prepared a welcoming party for Elis here too. It’ll be to go to a legendary place where another of the balls is hidden. They get all set up and then take a transporter to the other side of the world and end up at the south pole with penguins. Hiiragi gets annoyed while the girls fawn over the penguins.

Elis and Kureha launch into an educational explanation about the situation. Elis says that she can sense what they’re looking for and points forward revealing a huge castle town in the ice fields. The girls run off, but Hiiragi can’t believe his eyes.

EVIL LOLI continues to watch from her magical compact. She calls in Lalami (?) who calls her “Vel” (?). The other evil girl with a book… Leonne is also watching. Vel says it’s time for the next game to begin.

As the World Saving Trio walk through the ice town, Elis looks up at a statue and her eye begins to glow. She staggers in pain, but says that she’s fine and the glow vanishes when the other two stop.

Lalami watches from above. The world turns scarlet. Hiiragi and Kureha summon their weapons as a golem rises from the ground. Hiiragi tells Elis to get back.

Kureha shoots at it to no effect. Hiiragi uses an Enchant Flame on his sword and tries to attack to no effect either. The golem trundles forward and turns towards Elis. She summons her shields, but has nowhere to run.

The golem slams the building above them as Hiiragi races over. He manages to block the attack. Gunner’s Broom girl takes aim and fires, destroying the magical symbol on the golem’s head and dispelling it.

Kureha yells out “Akari” as the girl hops down. Elis recognizes the school uniform and Hiiragi tells her that she’s in the same class. Akari has a little fun with Hiiragi, but Lalami says that this isn’t over and summons a ton of golems as the episode ends.

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Yare^2 says:

    thanks for the quick summary/blog. Question though, why is Akari a weird name for a red head? Does it mean something in japanese or something?

  • Aroduc says:

    It’s a play on words. Aka means red. Akari means light.

  • Sniper says:

    I see. That says alot. This is going to be a good series.

  • Kresnik says:

    Just you wait, when Elis got all the seven gem, it’ll transform into Kite’s Drain Bracelet.. LOL

  • thenightsshadow says:

    This is episode 2?
    So, Aroduc, what keeps you watching? This one seems lackluster compared to #1.

  • totali says:

    What this world needs is more villains who look like they have green marker around their lips.