Da Capo II #01 — Back to the Future

October 1st, 2007


Same as it ever was.


I make no illusions about detesting the original Da Capo for its thoroughly antipathic cast, and unfortunately, the first episode of the proper sequel seems to be more of the same. Yume replaces Nemu, Nanaka replaces Kotori, Minatsu replaces Miharu, etc etc etc… and Sakura replaces… well… Sakura. It even starts more or less in the same way, with the already jealous ‘sister’ Yume waking up Yoshiyuki and sending him off to school, though this time with less fewer uncomfortable incest overtones. Rest assured that I’m sure they’ll work their way in. Things continue in a pretty generic day about school, ending with Koko confessing to him under the sakura tree and him accepting. Okay, I have to admit that that’s fairly new, but then I remember that the whole point of Da Capo is to make Yume/Nemu (Neme?) as much of a jealous bitch as possible.

As for production values, it was certainly pretty enough. Nothing really happened that would require decent animation, but the confession scene at the end with all the blowing blossoms and  wind did look really nice. On the other hand, they did already resort to a stills montage for part of the episode, so that doesn’t really speak too highly for the budget. The music was alright, nothing to really write home about, but it didn’t annoy me either.

In conclusion, I doubt I’ll keep following it. While I do like that Yoshiyuki and Koko are apparently hooking up, Horie Yume spent too much time glaring out the windows at them and I know that this will not be going the School Days route, but instead the increasingly whiny and bitchy Nemu route, and if I couldn’t survive that in the first season, there’s no way I’d be able to survive that again. If you liked the original Da Capo though, you’ll probably like this one too… assuming you don’t mind a complete rehash of every single character at any rate. Me? I think I’d sooner throw myself to a pack of wild dogs. Besides which, Higurashi Kai is on Mondays now (probably) and that’s all the angry feminine killing instinct that I need to start my week without passive aggressive Horie Yui also thrown in there.

Oh yeah, and I’m also very confused by the Mai Tokiha “Nike Swoosh” in Koko’s hair. That’s Mai’s thing! And I like Mai! Boo, Da Capo. Boo.

No summaries for the first episodes. I write as I watch, and I don’t know if I’ll care about a show until after the first episode.

Da Capo II OP

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Sniper says:

    Looks Good. I hope?

  • Stripey says:

    >I remember that the whole point of Da Capo is to make Yume/Nemu (Neme?) as much of a jealous bitch as possible

    LOL! Well it’s especially tough for Nemu because she has an uphill struggle against the stigma of incest. She’s not unkindly, just terribly insecured as every sister who love their brothers at that age would be. DCII is going to be different. Siscon is not going to be a key theme but sibling rivalry. At least that’s my feel from ep 1.

  • Syaoran Li says:

    Where is Michael J. Fox then? Bad joke, sorry about that.

    Is nice to see Yukarin as Sakura (I don’t remember her as Sakura back in the last season), and some new faces into this universe. Wait a minute, if we’re 53 years later in the future, why everything looked so damn from the later nineties, what and awful atmosphere for something that’s suppose to be 2050-2060. Well, Hocchan as Asakura was a good move as well; and obviously Yume (WTF with those names) is the vivid image of Nemu. Damn, how can I hold back those memories within my mind for that long? I guess I really keep useless facts in my head.

    I bet the girl on that vision was Yume O_O and not Koko. Damn it! What’s wrong with those siblings?

    I’ll see this show to witness how big the fall could be.