Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpucho #24 — God Damn It

September 29th, 2007


What did we do to deserve another terrible ending episode?


First off, let me see if I understand this correctly. As a result of the battle with Yagyu, Marie is blind, Alan has a wasting sickness, Daigo’s arm throbs in pain randomly, and Kisaragi is fine? I mean, I like the guy… but what the hell? You’d think they’d at least be consistent here. The other three godbeasts are in immense amounts of crippling pain and suffering while he’s just happy that he held up his family’s honor. What the bloody hell? Consistency, people. Consistency. It does wonders.

And seriously… We ended the last episode with every dead character coming back to life and about to all attack Yagyu… for that fight to apparently be “Hiyuu punches Yagyu, flies away into the sunset.” I could have broadly forgiven the Diabloesque ending to the Yagyu fight if there had been a fight, or they at least did something with Aoi’s massive overuse of her power that apparently forced her to become a pirate, but no. “Hiyu punches Yagyu.” 

Gah. What is with Tokyo Majin and terrible terrible endings. Maybe the two sidestory episodes won’t suck, but I’m not holding my breath. If anybody needs me, I’ll be in the Angry Dome.

Raito and Kyouichi have just finished arguing with Ryuuzan and Doushin.

All through the ruins of Tokyo, people are trying to clean up and rebuild. The punks are helping the drag queens while they all talk about building a new place for themselves.

At the school, Tohno is overseeing some students who are doing their own fixing up. At least a few are lost in thought… I mean, the whole school was only destroyed. She runs out to check up on Komaki who says to do her best. Daigo is also working in the soup kitchen/home ec room.

Aoi (in an eyepatch) flashes back to the final fight against Yagyu. Hiyuu launches a punch that blasts through Yagyu’s sword and directly hits him, blasting the Yagyu right out of Ryuuji’s body. He catches Ryuuji and throws him down to Kyouichi, but is being sucked into the energy vortex where Yagyu used to be.

Komaki calls out to Aoi, jolting her out of her daydream. Everybody was looking for her. Aoi is happy that Komaki’s family is fine, and in fact, most of their families survived… but Hiyuu… Komaki can’t finish what she was about to say. She does say that Daigo’s father didn’t make it though.

Aoi smiles at her and says that graduation should be fun. Komaki says that everybody is doing their best now. They both talk a little bit about how the fight is over, but everybody is trying their best to rebuild their lives after the disaster.

Komaki asks if everything is really over. Aoi looks surprised, but smiles and says yes… even though she looks downcast immediately after.

At the clinic, Maiko and Iwayama are checking up on people. Sagaya is doing a travelling medic routine through the rubble and finds some guy who was badly injured and needs help. He sends the people looking for him to find something. The guy recognizes Sagaya’s voice and thanks him for helping him. I think he was one of the people who picked on Sagaya or something. *shrug*

The two elders are looking through Tokyo too, wondering what happened to Kisaragi, who basically vanished after his family’s duty was finished. Oooookay. He’s still wandering around Tokyo somewhere at any rate.

Alan is doing his own thing… making miso soup out of a giant oil can. He even leaves a bowl of dubious nutritional quality at Sera’s grave. He coughs a bit as well. FORESHADOWING.

Kisaragi is doing his own thing, happy that he was able to fulfil his duty and protect Tokyo. Good work on that one, doofus. The city’s in ruins and you’re happy about it.

Alan convulses even more.

The bartender is serving people too, but wonders what happened to “the young miss.” She’s staggering through Tokyo, with her hands over her eyes saying how much it hurts. She collapses to the ground, but then gets up to keep looking for Tatsumacchi… but her eyes are totally fucked up. She sees a vision of his feet and smiles through her tears before falling unconscious.

Daigo is hiding in a sheltered area. His arm is in massive pain, veins throbbing and everything. Komaki comes over and asks if everything’s okay with how much he’s been through recently. She apologizes for not spending more time with him. He says that it’s okay, she has her whole family to take care of after all.

The two keep talking and vow to keep working together. They talk about his father a little bit and how Daigo is going to approach the future now bereft of his family. He laughs at himself and apologizes to Komaki for rambling on. She smiles and tells him that she understands, and the two walk back, hand in hand.

The detective and the coroner are looking over the ruins of Tokyo as well, but they say it’s over too.

Tohno is looking at her picture of her and Kyouichi and wondering if she should delete it.

Inugami is burying his rabbits. NOT THE RABBITS. Maria is there too and back to full strength. The two talk about how humans are so childish and will always repeat the same disasters. She also thanks him in a pretty roundabout way for saving her life.

Maria asks Inugami what he’s going to do now. He tells her that he promised to protect this place, so he’s staying right here. She looks a little surprised, but then Tohno calls to her. Inugami walks off as she switches to her normal happy-teacher mode. Dogboy smiles to himself as she trots off. 

Maiko finds a picture of Inugami and a young Iwayama clinging to his arm while Sagaya roots around looking for something. Sagaya is all focused on doing work, but Maiko starts telling him how precious time is and to make the most of it. She was saved by Iwayama as a child and wants to become as much like Iwayama as possible to save others. Sagaya puts his hand on Maiko’s, but Iwayama bursts in before he can get some hot nurse action.

The Kenbu are also hanging around Tokyo too, but they don’t really know what to do either. Mibu asks what happened to Hiyuu, but Narutaki just turns away.

Raito gets ready to head out. Fangirl is hugging him. He tells her that he’s leaving his precious things… like his guitar… for her to protect, and leaves… completely with terrible still.

The elders and the twins are in some crazyass temple. They have a short conversation about their duties all continuing which ends in everybody having a good laugh.

Aoi looks over a giant mass grave and… flashback again!

Yagyu took over Hiyuu’s body this time, but Hiyuu was a bit more resistant and the two dragons erupted upwards and out.

Kyouichi is hanging out under the sakura tree. He says that he’s going to look for Hiyuu. Aoi wants to go along too and says she’ll go get Komaki. Kyouichi tells her that she’s needed here and has no business leaving them. He asks her who is going to protect the people here if she leaves. She tells him that Komaki can, and Daigo can, and others can. He tells her she’s just running away, so she slaps him.

That’s as close to heterosexual love as you’re going to get Kyouichi, better make the most of it.

She asks him what he wants her to do. Aoi doesn’t understand at all. She tries her best, etc etc etc. The fight was all her fault, she understands that and wants to know why she’s not allowed to at least make this right for poor Hiyuu. By the end of it she’s in tears and hugging Kyouichi.

Okay, this is probably the closest he’ll come to heterosexual action. He smiles down at her and says that’s enough. She’s fought enough and done enough and it’s time for her to enjoy a normal life. She sobs as he pets her head. A little later, he’s heading out, leaving his sword sheath with her. She says that she’ll wait for them.

Kisaragi is waiting for Kyouichi around the corner. Kyouichi isn’t surprised and the two head out. Inugami watches them go.

Ryuuji is covered in bandages in the elders’ underground playground. He finally understands what it means to have feelings for other people.

Super Sayajin Hiyuu blazes through the sky in Ryuuji’s memory.

Maria calls the students to attention for their graduation ceremony. She starts going through all their names. Some students are there as pictures only. When Hiyuu’s name is called, Aoi answers, and Tohno answers for Kyouichi’s. Kyouichi is sleeping in a tree somewhere. He sees Hiyuu call out to him, but it was only a dream.

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10 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Demon Eyes says:

    Go back to Hinamizawa Takano!!!!

    Where is my yuri?!! *Cries*

  • Cho says:

    I can’t believe you wanted consistency. Like, Hiyuu in 9 was “HEY WE HAVE TO REASON WITH RYUUJI!”and then in 10 he’s like “REASONING IS FINE, BUT PUNCHING WORKS JUST AS WELL!” which apparently blows off Ryuuji’s arm and leg.

    Also, the fact that Kisaragi is fine is perfectly consistent with the rest of the series, and how it worships him, I think.

  • Jess says:

    that is one lousy ending alright. i am taken by amazement each time.

    but the ending is pretty expected from what we get from the second opening.

  • tj han says:

    It’s kinda weird. Well, as long as there’s punching, it’s a good series.

    Kyouichi gets the camera girl of course. As for why Kisaragi is perfectly fine, it’s cos he isn’t human. He’s a Gundam.

  • Hiyuu Lover says:

    Is this is the last ep or what ?

    are kidding me ? what happens to hiyuuuuuuuuuu ??!!!

  • Chloe says:

    Right. So I watched the first episode like…this past weekend, right? And it looked interesting, right? Of course right. Then I decide to check out your opinions and take a glance at the last episode. WHY GOD?! WHY?! I mean Kyouichi and camera girl? Fine, I accept–I even like! But Kisaragi and power puff princess? Even it it’s only implied? NO. A big whopping NO! *Inward groan* I mean….there are no words. No words, only silence. Forget I even said anything! My disappointment knows no bounds. .__.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hiyuu got snatched by evil alien forces waiting for a rare yellow dragon to occur in the cosmos. There had not been a blip on their radar until he made the one good punch. Using faster than light technology they detected, located, and snatched poor Hiyuu before he could get any space between him and anyone looking for him.
    Kisagari made Aoi stay behind because he’d only have to protect her from them or others like them. It easier to keep an extremely powerful and good being surrounded by those willing to protect it than to risk it being targeted and either destroyed or turned to the darkness.

  • Anonymous says:

    I had to watch the last episode a couple of times, but I don’t think it was bad. It left a lot to be desired, don’t get me wrong, and I’d love to see a third season. And to be completely honest, I don’t care who Kisaragi ends up with, I never liked him, as long as Aoi doesn’t end up with Hiyuu or Kyouichi. I also doubt that he was perfectly fine, he’s just too much of a stuck up prick to admit he’s in any kind of pain. The end make a big point of showing that everyone was suffering in some way, he’s just incapable of expressing emotion.

  • Anonymous says:

    ok… am I the only one who doesnt understand the ending of this series.. nor likes it..?

  • anime4life says:

    oh watta hell was that, the ending was horroble…… I was hoping for a good ending but it was just a piece of crap -_- Like i was hoping that the second season will answer my questions about the first season but fcking way. They just had to make a freaking sequal, like reaaallllyyyy……… I had so much hopes for it, but no they had to make a god dam sequal. Anyways this is probably one of the worst anime endings ive ever seen…… Hope theres a third season though……. :)