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July 15th, 2007

A prelude to a Riot 6 disaster.


A very very quality episode. First half is mostly just setup for the conference and some good byes for Vivio, but once the attack on the conference starts, everything goes into awesomeness and the stage is perfectly set for shit to be massively thrown down next episode. The preview is also pretty much 100% action stuff, so… quality quality quality. I can’t wait for next week. Vita’s unison with Rein makes me think about blonde Hayate back in A’s.

As usual, when a better raw appears in a day or two, I’ll update the caps. Better caps up. I’m kind of ashamed that I didn’t even notice the lolification of Arf. Poor mutt.

Vita’s Unison Mode


The opening starts with Subaru writing a letter to her father saying how everybody is in high spirits and back to training after the incidents in town. THIS ISN’T FORESHADOWING FOR THE REST OF THE EPISODE AT ALL, IS IT? Unfortunately, we still have Secret Ambition as the OP… I want my Massive Wonders already, or in Teana’s case… Modulating Wonders.

Hayte is telling all the combat troops of Riot 6 that they’ll be working on security at a public conference tomorrow. Security will be managed by a number of other divisions as well. Hayate, Fate and Signum will be meeting up tomorrow, but the rest are heading over today.

Nanoha is getting ready to head off, but Parasite Vivio doesn’t want her to go. Nanoha promises her that she’ll come back after it’s done and promises her some caramel milk for being a good girl and putting up with it.

On the copter, the cadets ask Nanoha about Vivio and how they’re getting on. Nanoha says that Vivio is still looking for anybody who will be a family for her, but the cadets disagree and think that Nanoha has already pretty much adopted her.

Over in the Nanoha/Fate lovenest, Fate gets a phone call from Lindy, who is still looking great. Lindy says hi to Vivio and tells Fate that she’ll be at the conference as well. She can’t wait to see Fate again, but since Fate will be on duty, it’ll have to wait.

Vivio sees Fate’s pictures of her families…. the Hallouens and the Testarossas, and asks Fate about them. Fate tells her that they’re both her family. We also get to see a picture of Chrono, Amy and his twins. They’re basically tiny versions of Amy. Boy wasted no time in fathering children, did he?

At TSAB central, the cadets are hanging about with drinks, except for Teana, who is bother Vice. She apologizes to him because she had a look in his army history. In the past, Vice was an Ace mage and was a top sniper. He says that his magical skills are barely half of Teana’s though. He goes on, saying that the past is past and that she shouldn’t waste her time on such. She apologizes again and runs off. Once she’s gone, he says aloud that the past is gone, and Storm Raider agrees.

The next morning, Nanoha is going inside the conference, so she hands Subaru Raising Heart and asks them to make sure Fate gives up her device as well. Ouch… defenseless? That’s not a good sign.

There’s a newscast going on about how the conference is going, and the most hotly contested item seems to be the development of the Einherjar, the Army’s new weapon.

Vita is patrolling the grounds with the Lightning cadets and wondering if shit is going to go down today. They think that it’ll probably be an attack from the outside, and that Scaglietti is not going to attack since there’s nothing to gain here. Nanoha disagrees though and thinks that it could have to do with showing off the Einherjar. They decide to just keep waiting for their superiors orders as well as how to react.

The conference is nearing the end, and nothing has happened so far. Zest and Agito are watching from the air, and are annoyed that Lulu isn’t with them because she has something else to do. Zest tells Agito to go with Lulu if she’s so worried, but Agito can’t leave Zest on his own. Zest’s final plan is to make his way to Regius.

The Numbers are also preparing to deploy and are set up. Scaglietti gives the usual mad scientist speech of being the one to change the world and the course of history and tells them to start.

Lulu chants a spell while Quattro screws up the internal security systems of TSAB using a control of the electrons in the air. In one area, Sei phases through and knocks out the guards, followed by Cinque exploding a reactor. Lulu finishes her summoning spell and Gadget Drones begin appearing all over the grounds. At the same time, Deici shoots her way into the building.

Regius is receiving a report of the situation and orders all intruders neutralized. Quattro is eavesdropping on them somehow though, and uses the drones to force them to drop the defenses and seal everybody inside. Hayate realizes the problem here and that they’re sitting ducks at the moment.

Trei and Sette, apparently the close combat specialists of the Numbers, are getting ready for Sette’s first fight before they rush into the battle.

The cadets and crew are running towards the battle. Vita gives Teana Signum and Hayate’s devices to get to them before combining with Rein and flying straight to the battle.

Nanoha and Fate are locked inside the building and can’t get out. They decide to not wait around and bust open an elevator and slide down the cable using magic to cover their hands to rendezvous with the cadets and get their devices back.

Agito and Zest are heading straight for the tower when they’re attacked by red energy. Unison Vita leaps out of the clouds and attacks them. Zest and Agito respond by combining as well. Vita and Zest introduce themselves and get ready to fight.

The cadets are still heading to battle and suddenly Nove leaps out and slams Subaru against the wall wearing a pair of Mach Calibur-looking boots. The rest of the cadets are trapped by a series of energy balls from another Number. Nove calls Subaru (or maybe her device?) “Type-Zero” and knows that it wouldn’t have been beaten that easily.

Uno tells Lulu that she can move on to attacking Riot 6 and recovering the Devices held there along with “The Emperor.” Riot 6 goes on full alert… credits. 

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13 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • AGear says:

    Wow! this is the episode that a was waiting for!!! Now, what will happen? I don’t have a precise idea if Vivio will show her true abilities to hurt Riot 6, or for help Nanoha, and, will Subaru set up Raging Heart?????

  • Tokkan says:

    I’m fairly certain Nove is talking about Subaru when she says “Type-Zero”, not Subaru’s device(s). I believe something in there was along the lines of Nove saying “Type-Zero won’t die so easily” after Uendi (“Wendy”) said that their mission is to capture their Three targets alive. Devices aren’t alive. They have personalities and sometimes a great deal of intelligence, but they’re not alive.

  • Anonymous says:

    Thank you!!! An a wonderful episode!!! Can expect something better than A’s!

  • Ronin says:

    * Subaru is also a cyborg
    * Next episode preview shows Caro crying uncontrollably – meaning someone will DIE!!
    * Vita’s unison mode is just her normal clothes dyed white.

    My prediction is that Erio, Fate, Hayate, Ginga and Teana will all die in the next episode.

  • Fencedude says:

    My prediction is that Erio, Fate, Hayate, Ginga and Teana will all die in the next episode.

    …and what…just what!?

    I mean how the hell would you think that? THats just…stupid?

    I mean, its entirely plausible that people can die before the end of the series, but what the hell would lead you to predict the death of a third of the main cast in episode 17?

    ….stupid predictions aside, yes, I do believe that Subaru and Ginga are both actually Sentoukijin as well, which leads to some interesting questions about their parents…

  • Aroduc says:

    I’m fairly certain Nove is talking about Subaru when she says “Type-Zero”, not Subaru’s device(s).

    Yeah, it’s a bit unclear. I went with the Device since it made a big deal of a closeup on Nove’s Device as she was saying it, but it could easily swing either way.

    My prediction is that Erio, Fate, Hayate, Ginga and Teana will all die in the next episode.

    As Tokkan said, there were instructions to “capture the ‘three'” given. Ergo, nobody’s going to die, even above and beyond the usual deathcount of “one villain” per Nanoha season. The obvious two are Fate and Erio. The third is a bit of a wildcard, though my money’s on Regius at the moment. I think they’ve played up the family angle too much with Subaru for her to be something bizarre, Caro’s already had her ‘tragic’ past stuff come out, and Teana… well… unfortunately, nobody cares about poor Teana except Vice.

  • Fencedude says:

    unfortunately, nobody cares about poor Teana except Vice.

    Subaru does!

    Anyway, coupled with that odd examination Subaru and Ginga took last episode, I’m pretty sure it will be revealed they are…less than entirely human. Not that that is especially UNUSUAL in this show, so I don’t see how its a big deal.

    And the emphasis on “family” actually makes it MORE likely in my opinion. Nanoha (the series and the character) is big on the concept of “Family is who you love”, blood relationships and minor technicalities like being artificial magical constructs be dammed.

    Oh, and Vivio will get captured.

    And Regius’s aide is probably Due.

  • Fencedude says:

    Oh yeah, your new caps remind me.

    Cinque is AWESOME

    Long, platinum hair, an eyepatch and explosive throwing knives?


  • Anonymous says:

    Just my thinking. Carol is crying out for the other big dragon to help in this disaster. Remember in 1 episode, she said she could summon a really really BIG dragon in times of real danger?

    Vivo is sooooooooooooooo CUTEEEEEEEE!!!

  • Fencedude says:

    Its worth noting that Caro summons Voltaire, a giant black dragon god.

    According to the new soundstage, Lutecia’s ultimate summon is “Hakutenou”, which means something to the effect of “White Lord”

  • Aroduc says:

    To be exact, Hakutenou likely translates as White Heaven King (Haku = White, Ten = Heaven, Ou = King).

  • Fencedude says:

    Which is a very amusing, if almost cliche in and of itself, reversal of the standard good/evil color and naming schemes.

  • Derek says:

    You know whats funny? During Episode 6 when the girls are in their tubes still. They were apparently misplaced in the wrong jars for some funny reason.