Waiting for StrikerS #14, Fanservice Edition

June 30th, 2007

I’m on a plane again in about… 13 hours… back to my home on the other side of America. It doesn’t even get in until about an hour after the raw usually appears, so here’s some stuff to keep you occupied.

I finally got around to updating my StrikerS character lexicon. I was slacking this week and enjoying the easy life of sleeping until noon and then getting up to play with my parents’ dogs. Tough life, I know. Anyway, I’m sure that the sordid affairs of my life are not the reason that you bothered to click.

In case you hadn’t heard, Geneon has officially announced the licensing of Nanoha and A’s, although StrikerS is still officially at large. It’ll be interesting to see how they market this one and whether they push the magical girl angle or the shonen action angle. Nanoha’s fusion of these two elements is part of why it’s had a bit of a rough time finding its niche with western audiences. There’s quite the cult following, but that’s pretty much just what it is, a cult following. For a western mindset, it’s difficult to wrap its head around ‘little girls’ and ‘kicking ass’ in the same sentence, and is often used as more of a parody angle, like Gogo in Kill Bill.

The magical girl reputation is a little rough to shake though. The transformation scenes certainly don’t help. Racy magical girl scenes are certainly easy enough to come by and have intrinsically infused themself into the general perception of anything involving a staff and a skirt. What really sells Nanoha to its fanbase is the action. So… let’s have some real fanservice. And as a side note, I totally don’t have a crush on Kotoko/GIGA or anything… :shifty eyes:

Lyrical on Fire


Over the A’s


Face of Fact

Oh, who are we kidding? On with the Ginga StrikerS pics. Don’t look at them all at once, they’ve got to last you until probably close to midnight EST tomorrow.

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